Moving with Kids: Ideas to Make it Fun

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Moving can be rough, especially on young children and teens. Instead of a drab day, you can spruce it up by entertaining your children and creating a fun atmosphere that makes moving exciting.

Tips for Moving Your Most Valuable Items

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When it comes time to move your valuable items, you cannot just throw them in a box, tape it up, and be done. You must take care of your items, otherwise, they may break and you will be left with a shattered memory of the item.

Helping Seniors Downsize and Adjust to Their New Space

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Downsizing a home is a large task and when you are trying to help a senior downsize, it can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety as they have to get rid of some of the things they own. Many seniors are flooded with emotions when they start uncovering hidden photo albums and memories from the past.

How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors When Moving

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As you begin sliding your furniture across the floor, you hear an eerily loud scratching sound. That sound is one of your beautiful hardwood floor being scratched up. While your flooring may seem durable, it is not intended to take on heavy furniture moving across it.

3 Reasons Why College Students Value Self Storage Units

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Students have a lot of stuff and because of that they have several reasons to utilize self storage. Self storage gives the ideal arrangement and allows students to travel without worrying about the safety of their items. This post will highlight three major reasons why college students value self storage.