Moving the Bed? 5 Tips to Help You Protect Your Mattress

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Your mattress not only provides you with a comfortable sleep, it helps bring your bedroom together. What would a bedroom be without a bed, right?

Before you simply grab the mattress and start pushing it throughout the house to get it moved, you need to take some steps to protect it.

  1. Remove All Bedding

Moving your bed with the bedding still attached is not a good idea and will only dirty your linens. You need to remove all bed sheets, mattress covers, and blankets before you begin the moving process.

Linens should be washed before your move and stored separately from everything else.

  1. Get a Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is different than a mattress pad as the cover is made specifically for moving, protecting, and transporting your mattress. The protector will envelop your mattress and protect it from any rips or tears that may happen without it.

If you have the option of a plastic mattress protector, grab it. The plastic is thick and will not break easily when it comes time to slide the mattress.

  1. Never Lay the Mattress Flat

Your mattress is going to be one of the bigger items that will take up quite a bit of room in the moving truck, but you should always store it on its side. If you lay it flat, you will be tempted to store things on top of it, which will cause indentations and depressions in the mattress.

  1. Don’t Forget the Box Spring

Moving your box spring is similar to moving the mattress. You want to protect it with either a cover or a moving blanket. Store the box spring on its side in the moving truck to prevent damage to it.

  1. Take the Frame Apart and Keep It Separate

You will need to take your bed frame apart before you move it. You will save yourself a ton of space by taking it apart, but make sure you save all of the pieces to it. When you do move the bed frame, keep it away from the mattress as you do not want the frame to scratch or rip the mattress, especially as you are putting it back together.

The above tips can help you keep your mattress in tip top shape when you move. Always take your time and never rush when it comes to moving heavy and valuable items as you may damage the item or injure yourself.

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