Downsizing? Items to Toss and Keep

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As you work on downsizing your home, you may be wondering what it is that you should keep and what you can afford to toss. Before you begin to downsize, it is important that you take an inventory of everything in your home so that you do not accidentally toss out something you want to keep.

  1. Heirlooms from the Family

You should always keep heirlooms from your family. You do not want to toss these items to the curb as they hold a lot of memories and they may be valuable. Hold on to them and when you need to store them, make sure they are protected.

  1. Handwritten Notes and Kid’s Drawings

You should always hold on to sentimental pieces including your child’s items and any handwritten notes or drawings that you have. These items cannot be replaced and they will help you relive the moment for many years.

When you do store these items, make sure that you place them in the appropriate protective sleeves to prevent deterioration and damage.

  1. Old Clothing

Why hold on to old clothing? If you do have clothing that does not fit or it is worn out and dingy, toss it or donate it. You do not need to hold on to these things as they will only take up room.

  1. Things You Don’t Use

If you have a bunch of items that you have never used or items that you say you will use but don’t, then toss them. Keeping these items will only add to your clutter and you will never actually use them.

If you are looking to downsize your home or apartment, the above things to keep and toss will help you get started. When it comes time to go through your items, evaluate each one and be realistic about whether or not you will use it.

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