6 Things You Must Know and Do Before Hiring a Moving Company

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If a move is successful and costs the expected amount, it’s usually because thorough research was done and the right questions were asked before choosing a professional mover. There is a lot of potential risk in haphazardly hiring a mover. Learn some of those risks plus six things you should know and do before hiring a moving company.

7 Hacks to Help You Move Last Minute

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A successful last-minute move can seem beyond the realm of possibility, when you consider how grueling moves often are with a month or more to prepare. Try not to panic. A sudden move that doesn’t end in chaos is absolutely doable, with the help of these seven last-minute moving hacks.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need? StorageArea.com Answers All Your Questions

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Choosing a storage space that will fit all of your needs can be a difficult process. Whether you’re looking to pack away some extra furniture, free up space by storing your holiday decorations, or you’re in-between houses, finding a storage unit that works for you can often seem like a hassle. Fortunately, StorageArea can lay out the basics for you …

Why and How Did Our Ancient Ancestors Move?

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Most of us take it for granted that we can call up a moving or storage company and have them at our doorstep the following day ready to pack up all of our belongings and whisk them away to our newest home or storage facility. Our ancient ancestors, on the other hand, didn’t have it so easy. Early humans had …

Fed Up with Moving? Learn How to Move Your House to You

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Like filing your taxes, waiting in an airport security line, or navigating your way through gridlock traffic, moving is one of those necessary headaches of life that everyone anticipates with more than a little dread. We’ve all been there: the mountains of cardboard boxes, the tangled balls of packing tape, the car backseats stuffed to the roof.

Ways to Reward Friends and Family Who Help You Move

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Moving by yourself is not fun and it is back breaking work, especially if you have a lot of furniture and heavy items. If you ask your friends and family to help you move, they may be willing to do it, but of course, you will need to reward them after the fact.