6 Reasons Renting a Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Life

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The idea that an inanimate object could cause a variety of different emotions may sound a little far-fetched. Yet, if you ask a child to give up their favorite stuffed toy or ratty blanket, you’re likely to be met with tears. Ask a grown adult to toss out his high school football jersey, and you might get kicked in the …

Tips for Storing Collectibles, Family Heirlooms & Delicate Items

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Many items that go into storage are irreplaceable family heirlooms, collectables, or delicate antiques. Valuable items require extra care during packing as well as the right environment for storage. Proper handling and storage of such treasures can ensure that they remain in the same condition they were in before the packing process started.

Tips on Packing Clothes for Long-Term Storage

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A great strategy for enjoying a clutter-free closet is to switch out and store clothing for use during different seasons of the year. You can also tuck away outgrown children’s clothes until needed for younger siblings. For the plan to succeed, it’s important to know how to safely store your clothes long-term. Your reward for taking recommended steps is that …

Prepping Your Vehicle For Long-Term Storage

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Whether you’re going on a long trip, packing away your truck for the winter, or need to prep your vehicle for storage while you make a long move cross country, it’s essential that you take a little time to properly ready your automobile for long-term storage.

How to Store Items in Long-Term Storage and Avoid Pests

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Keeping belongings in long-term storage requires a much greater level of care. Invasions and infestations by pests are very real threats. Perfect homes for insects and rodents include cardboard boxes and furniture with upholstery. For pests, it is an added bonus when these items are in storage since detection is usually delayed for a long period of time.

How to Properly Store Your Wine Collection

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Proper wine storage is essential for every wine collection. Only about 10% of the wine in the world needs to be aged before reaching peak quality. During the process of aging, the wine gains complexity defined in terms of flavors, aromas, texture, and overall enjoyment. The other 90% of the world’s vino doesn’t involve a waiting period before serving. But …

Tips on Preparing A Boat, WaveRunner, or Jet Ski for Winter Storage

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Weather reports have finally convinced you it’s time to put away your boat, jet ski, or WaveRunner for the winter. If you want your watercraft to be ready for spring, it is essential to winterize before leaving it in storage. A full 40 percent of the time, insurance claims made on boats involve damage that occurred during winter storage. The …

How Much Storage Space Do You Need? StorageArea.com Answers All Your Questions

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Choosing a storage space that will fit all of your needs can be a difficult process. Whether you’re looking to pack away some extra furniture, free up space by storing your holiday decorations, or you’re in-between houses, finding a storage unit that works for you can often seem like a hassle. Fortunately, StorageArea can lay out the basics for you …

Why Beer Lovers Are Aging Their Beers Like Wine

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It’s no secret that we’re smack dab in the middle of the Golden Age of craft beer. Early pioneers in the microbrew scene like Anchor, New Albion, Sierra Nevada, and Sam Adams, began brewing more flavorful and meticulously crafted beers throughout the 70s and 80s, introducing a small population of Americans to a brand-new world of hops and grains that …