It’s Time to Unpack! Tips to Get You Through It

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Unpacking after a move is probably one of the worst things. After you complete your move, you are exhausted and ready for everything to be over with, but then you remember you still have to unpack all of your belongings. Below, we will go over some tips to help you get through the dreaded unpacking phase.

Take Your Time

One of the things that frustrates people the most is that they feel they need to unpack all of their belongings within the first day or two. You should slow down and take your time unpacking. Everything does not need to be in place right away and you can slowly unpack one room a week or whatever works the best for you.

In fact, some people never even unpack all of their boxes and keep some in storage until they realize they need something from the box.

You should start unpacking your essential boxes first and leave the rest until later. For example, you will need your toilet paper, kitchen utensils, etc. These items should be unloaded first. You are unlikely to need things such as your candle collection or every nick knack so slow down and enjoy your time in your new home.

Make It a Game

You can make unpacking a game and have fun with your family. You could see who can unpack a box and put the items away the fastest. Choose creative prizes and whoever wins once all of the boxes are unpacked can choose where to go eat one night.

Get the Kids Involved

You do not have to unpack all of the boxes yourself and you should involve your kids. Maybe let them unpack their rooms or the bathroom they will be using. Your children will have fun doing this and you won’t have to worry about additional rooms to unpack.

Moving day is a lot of fun, but unpacking is not always fun. Instead of thinking about unpacking as a hassle, plan some fun things to do to get the entire family involved. Remember, there is no reason to rush around and you can take unpacking slow as long as you have all of the essentials you need.

If you find you have a lot of items leftover that you do not need, consider renting a storage unit to keep your items safe.

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