Packing for Your Move: Essentials to Pack Absolutely Last

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As you are packing away your belongings, you probably just want to put things in a box, seal it, and label it, right? Before you go putting all items into boxes, there are some things that you want to pack absolutely last. These items are important and you probably use them on a regular basis. Ready to learn what they are? Let’s go!

  1. Handheld Tools

While you do not need your table saw and other larger tools, you do need to make sure you have some basic ones on hand and you should always pack them last as you will likely use them up until you leave your home.

For example, keep a screwdriver, hammer, box cutter, and pliers with you. This way, you are prepared when you need to remove a leg from your couch.

  1. Documents

You should keep all of your documents in a safe place and do not pack them away until you are indeed ready to move. You will need to set aside documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, health insurance paperwork, lease information, and bank statements.

If you accidentally pack these items away, you may find yourself digging frantically through boxes later.

  1. Wires and Cords

You do not want to lose your wires and cords, do you? Keep your chargers, connection devices, and all other plugs and wires that go to your electronics in one place. Always pack these last as you may need to use your phone charger at some point during the move as well.

  1. Medicine

You never want to pack up your medicine at the early stages of moving because you may need it throughout the move. Keep all of your prescriptions in a safe place until you are ready to leave your old home and then place them in a Ziploc bag or in your purse.

  1. Cleaning Items

Unfortunately, you have to clean the old place as you leave and the new place as you enter, so make sure to reserve and set aside a box for your cleaning items. You will use the cleaning items often so there is no sense in packing them away and then trying to locate them later on.

As you make your move, items may get lost in the process, especially if you are not properly prepared. Make sure that you save the above five items and pack them last so you always know where they are.

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