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Every adult life comes to the point where we sit down and look around our house and think that this place is a mess.

Whether it’s a massive life event such as a new baby or getting married, or whether you’re just sick of the sight of the clutter in your home, having a good decluttering session is not only great for your home, but it could be great for your wallet too.

Decluttering Is Good for The Soul

There are thousands of self-help books on decluttering and becoming minimalist, and there’s a good reason for that too.

Studies have shown that decluttering is good for your mental health and tidying out the old before bringing in the new is good for the soul mind as it helps you reset things and re-envision your space for new possibilities.

We’ve come up with six helpful tips for decluttering, especially when you are decluttering ready to pack your house to move home.

Use Storage Space

Unsurprisingly, our very first tip is to invest in some storage space for your things.

We are not just saying get storage space because we helped thousands of people across the States get well-priced storage units in their area, whether you’re in Austin or San Diego, but because having a storage space or storage unit will allow you to have the mental and physical space to get involved in the decluttering process.

Having somewhere to take your things, either on their way to be donated or the things you wish to keep and have packed ready for your move, is something that is useful and that many people across the States have invested in

Tackle A Small Area First

Although decluttering can be good for your mental health, being faced with a huge room full of your things from your life can be very overwhelming.

It can be hard to know where to start, especially if your family has lived in the same house for many decades and has accumulated a lot of stuff, and this is where a lot of people fall when it comes to decluttering.

By promising to tackle a small area first, you will be making a dent in the pile, and each small dent will soon become a large walkway ready for you to pick up the things you want to keep.

You should start with one room first, and make it the smallest room in your house, for example, an ensuite bathroom. If you have very large rooms, or you have already decluttered your ensuite bathrooms, then choose to start in one corner or with one section of the room to begin with.

The key here is to take it in small doses.

Make A Bin System

The bin system is a great system for decluttering, and it can also help you to pack your things faster. If you are packing for that house move or because you need to put your things in storage due to decorating or renovation work.

There are many different ways to create a bin system, but our favorite is the very simple keep, donate, or throw system that separates your belongings out into three distinct areas.

Keep – Items that you will be keeping, taking to your new place, and making a specific space for.

Donate – Items that you no longer want but that are in good condition and can be used by somebody else. As a side note here, it’s worth contacting your local thrift store or donations area to see if there are any restrictions on what they are willing to take.

Throw – For professional organizers and people who love decluttering, the throw bin is generally their favorite. This bin is a bin for items that are not suitable for donation and that you do not wish to keep. As a side note, just because you are throwing it away, it doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. Finding a responsible way of disposing of your belongings is always preferable over the landfill.

Book A Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way of getting rid of unwanted things and hopefully making a little bit of money on the side, especially useful for people who are moving and could probably do with as many pennies as possible in the bank to help out.

The key here is to book your yard sale in advance so that you need to stick to it.

However, you decide to do that is up to you, you may wish to put up posters to alert people of an up-and-coming yard sale, or even write a post to your local Facebook groups to tell neighbors that you will be having a yard sale on a specific date.

Booking this in your calendar in advance means you’re more likely to stick to it and more likely to throw things away that need to be thrown away.

Have A ‘Junk Drawer’

While it may seem counterintuitive in an article about decluttering to suggest having a junk drawer, this is a great tactic for every homeowner, and nearly every homeowner will not admit to having a junk drawer in their house.

Despite the name, this doesn’t actually need to be a drawer. Junk drawer that can be cupboards, drawers, or even bins, but the main thing is that they hold onto all of the little miscellaneous items that don’t have a home but that you want to keep hold off.

Don’t Push Yourself

Decluttering can be an emotional roller coaster for many people, and it is due to this, many people don’t like to declutter regularly.

Don’t push yourself when you have decided to declutter; if you begin to feel tired and mentally and emotionally exhausted, then give up for the day and come back to it tomorrow.

Your brain will thank you.

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