How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need? Storage Unit Specs

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Choosing the right size storage facilities can be a bit of a minefield. Too big, and you end up wasting money. Too small, and your personal items risk becoming damaged.

Fortunately, if you are not sure what size storage space you need for your belongings, the below storage space guide is exactly what you need.

Discover the various storage sizes available, how to find a storage unit depending on the items you want to store, how to pick the perfect square foot storage, and more.

How do I pick the right size storage space?

When it comes to answering the question “how big of a storage unit do I need?” many people struggle to visualize whether or not their items will be able to fit in a unit when they are only presented with the total square footage.

If this is the case for you, then we can help. The below storage space guide breaks down the different sized units on offer, including how much you can realistically expect to fit in each one.

What can I fit in a 25 sq ft unit?

A 25sq foot unit is about the size of a small garden shed and is, therefore, ideal for storing seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or tools that only need to be used at specific times of the year.

Although one of the smallest storage options available, you can actually fit a lot more into ones of these units than you might think. A 25sq ft space is also a great option for those who are decluttering and want somewhere to keep small personal items that they don’t need in the home but also don’t want to throw away.

What can I fit in a 35 sq ft unit?

If you are looking to store the amount of content that would fit into a studio flat, then this is the storage unit size for you. This is the ideal space size for those that don’t need too much storage space but do have one or two large or awkward-shaped items. You can fit a dining table, chairs, garden furniture, and plenty of boxes into a unit of this size.

What can I fit in a 50 sq ft unit?

A 50 square feet unit is great for storing office supplies or stock and is about the size of an average garden shed. In terms of how much you can fit into a storage facility of this size, you can expect to store a few major appliances, a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a TV, and even a few bikes. Our storage units in denver are available in a wide range of sizes, including the popular 50 sq ft unit.

What can I fit in a 75 sq ft unit?

This size storage unit is ideal for storing large items such as king-size mattresses, an entertainment center, dining room furniture, sofas, large appliances, bookcases, desks, and large storage boxes. With the ability to house the contents of an average two-bedroom home or flat, this is the perfect choice for those who are moving into a new home and need temporary storage for their belongings or for people who are planning to travel.

What can I fit in a 100 sq ft unit?

Perfect for storing very large and awkward-shaped items, a 100 sq ft storage unit fits the contents of a large two-bedroom flat, house, small office, or warehouse. This size of the unit boasts a high ceiling and is, therefore, ideal for stacking multiple items up tall and for accommodating items such as sofas, garden furniture sets, sports equipment, and large appliances.
It is also a great storage space for using as a small business warehouse.

What can I fit in a 150 sq ft unit?

This size storage unit is roughly the size of 1 and a half garages and can comfortably accommodate the contents of a 3-bedroom house. A good option for those undertaking a large renovation project, you can also use a unit of this size for vehicle storage.

If you are looking for somewhere to store large amounts of business stock, this size unit is a good choice, providing plenty of space in a secure environment.

What can I fit in a 200 sq ft unit?

The size of a standard double garage, you can fit the entire contents of a large four or five-bedroom house into a storage unit of this magnitude. Ideal for both businesses and homeowners alike, you can store many large and bulky items without having to worry about them damaging smaller items due to the expansive space.

Choose to store large fridge freezers, sofa sets, garden furniture, warehouse stock, merchandise, office furniture, and even palletized goods.

Top tips for packing your storage unit

• Use sturdy boxes or plastic totes that will stand up to transport and will protect your belongings from heat, cold, humidity, and pests.
• Utilize your whole unit by stacking items vertically and by using heavier furniture as a base for stacking.
• Create an aisle so that you can get in and out of your storage unit with ease.
• Place items you are likely to need access to at the front of your storage unit.

How to choose a storage facility?

Whatever size storage unit you pick, you need to make sure that you choose a trusted and convenient storage facility provider. offers the largest database of storage facilities in the United States, providing you with an extensive list of premium storage units in your local area. Simply add your zip code or city and the date you would like your items to be stored. Alternatively, contact storage area here, and one of our dedicated customer service team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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