What Size Storage Space Will I Need to Store A Car

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Choosing to store your vehicle in a secure storage unit is a great option for those looking for a dependable place to keep their vehicle away from home. Finding an affordable, secure and local storage unit is a must for any vehicle needing to be stored, but you are then faced with the question of how big a storage unit do you need?

Choosing to store a car is not as simple as sticking to a budget you may have, as it may be that the particular size you need for your car is a set price — after all, you cannot easily save money by opting for a smaller unit if it is simply not big enough for your vehicle. That is why doing the proper research into finding the right car storage unit is a must so that you can ensure you prepare your budget (and your car) for the right one.

When comparing storage space and sizes, it can feel very overwhelming for those who have never stored a vehicle before or perhaps have never used a storage unit at all. Trying to check sizes before seeing a storage unit or seeing it in person can be difficult when trying to work out what would be the best fit for your car.

Initial Preparations

Before getting to grips with storage unit sizes and comparing your options, first, take a look at your car and prepare your own vehicle measurements. Make sure to have a clear understanding of the size of your car by physically measuring (as estimating in your head may not always be the most realistic size) and taking care of anything which might change the size (such as removing a roof rack or understanding whether additions like this need to stay in place and be stored, too).

Comparing Your Options

It is also important to think about extra space you may need. Knowing your car’s measurements is important, but you are then going to need extra space on top of that to ensure that your car has enough room to be stored, doors can be opened, and no risk of bodywork damage or too tight a fit.

So, what are your main sizing options, and what size do you need?

A 10×10 Unit: A Good Place to Start

This is usually the smallest storage unit you can get away with for vehicle storage, so working up from this size is a good idea. This may be ideal for very small and compact cars, but it is important to know whether it still allows for enough space around the vehicle, even if you have a small car, so you may want to try the next size up for a compact vehicle for peace of mind.

A 10×15 Unit: Ideal for Compact Vehicles

This may be the best option for compact cars, as it allows the right fit for a small vehicle with that little bit extra. That being said, be sure to check the exact sizing of your car to make sure you do not need a little bigger than this option to be safe and best protect your vehicle.

What counts as a compact car which might fit in this space?

This may be the ideal unit for you if you have a car in similar size to a Fiesta, Mini, Golf, or SMART car.

A 10×20 Unit: The Standard Choice

If you are looking for a good unit size that is expected to fit most vehicles without worrying too much about your car’s measurements, then this is the ideal unit option. It is a standard sizing space for general cars and allows enough room to avoid too tight a fit. This unit is even roomy enough to fit smaller SUVs, so standard and compact cars will have more than enough space with this choice.

Which cars fit into this space?

If you have a smaller vehicle than the same size as a Honda Accord or Ford Explorer type vehicle, this unit could be a perfect choice.

A 10×25 Unit: A Great Choice for Large SUVs or Vans

This size unit — or even the next step up with a 10×30 unit — is ideal if you have a larger SUV or even a small sprinter van. Of course, you’re welcome to use this size storage space for any vehicle as one of the biggest options, but it may be too much room for a smaller, compact car. However, large vehicles and smaller vans will have no problem fitting and storing their vehicle in this size unit, including a Ford F250 or a Chevy Suburban.

Considering All Your Storage Options

Deciding what type of unit, you need to safely store your vehicle is very much dependent on the measurements, but if you are worried about a unit being too tight a fit or would like to explore alternative options, you can also consider outdoor storage or covered outdoor storage. This is akin to a car parking space within a safe storage facility, and you may prefer this to worrying about indoor unit sizes with walls.

While it is still important to choose a parking spot big enough to safely house your vehicle, it may offer more peace of mind if you would rather not have to contend with tight doors or walls. That being said, as long as you measure your vehicle correctly and do all your research in advance, there is no reason you cannot find the perfect storage unit at the right size for you.

Find Car Storage with StorageArea.com

Should you need any advice regarding car storage options, StorageArea.com has many search options for safe and secure vehicle storage, no matter the size of your car. If you are unsure, you can compare all our partner storage companies in your area to understand sizing options and find the best fit for you.

Your car deserves a safe and secure place, so it is always key to find the right size storage space.

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