Top Businesses You Can Run from A Storage Container

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There are so many options for successfully running a business these days, with more remote options and for the opportunity to sell online from anywhere in the world. With business processes advancing and how people do business depending highly on technology, can using a storage container be possible for running a business?

The answer is, yes, it can! Many business processes could use a storage unit for their day-to-day activities and more, and it doesn’t only depend on businesses that work solely online either.

The Benefits of Running a Business from a Storage Container

If you’re not only wondering whether you can run your business from a storage container but also the benefits of doing so, here are some reasons why running a business from a storage container may be a good idea.

  • It’s cheaper than renting a business office. Like an office, the rental costs for an official business space will be considerably more than a small storage unit. Why pay more than you need to if a storage container offers just the right amount of dedicated workspace for your needs?
  • It’s cheaper for utilities. If you simply need a well-lit space to work from, you can find everything you need from a storage unit without paying for heating, electricity, and other utility bills on top of a rental amount for an official office space. You also don’t have to worry about paying for location security like CCTV cameras or main door security because your useable unit will be in an already-established facility with its own security.
  • It’s more flexible. If you’re choosing a business lease on a rental office, the chances are that this will have a minimum duration or a long-term commitment. This can make it difficult to get out of if your business needs end up changing, and you may risk paying for space you don’t need simply because you’re stuck in a contract. Renting a storage unit near you, whether you’re based in Omaha or Dallas, is a much more flexible ongoing option.
  • More set prices. Rental prices on business premises can always rise and fluctuate, whereas with a storage container, you will always know exactly what you’re paying for the unit you’re using, and there’s usually the option of canceling anytime so you can make a decision month by month if you need to, depending on your storage payment agreement.
  • Easier growth opportunity. If your business expands and grows, you can easily switch to a larger storage unit — perhaps even one next door to the one you’re currently using so that it’s easy to carry over your items without the need for transportation and reducing the risk of damage. However, when renting a business premises, you will have to search for a bigger space, take out a new rental agreement, and undergo a complete move, which can be more hassle, stress, and cost.

The Top Businesses You Can Run from A Storage Container

Already have a business, or looking to start one, and wondering how a storage container could be used for you? Here are the top businesses you can run from a storage container.

Online Sellers

Independent online selling has become more and more popular, with online shops like Etsy or eBay offering many individuals the potential to make money from their own handmade goods or sell other items. However, the trouble with online selling means you might need a large space to store all your items as stock before they sell, and if you’re operating a business from home, this might mean having all your merchandise in the way.

Instead, a storage container offers the space to conduct your online selling business by providing both a place to store your items and enough room to pack up orders that have been successfully sold and dispatch them.

Businesses Which Need a Workshop

It may be that you’re an online seller, but you also need the space to make the items in the first place, which you’re planning to sell through your web shop. If you don’t have the space at home to use as a workshop for crafting your goods, then a storage container is the ideal spot for handmaking your items, packing them up, and storing them to sell online. This could be jewelry making, arts and crafts, furniture making, or items like knitting or crocheting.

Photography Studio

Photographers will always need a dedicated space to take professional photos, with room to store their equipment and provide relevant backdrops for the clients having their photos taken. A storage unit is the ideal, neutral canvas for any photography, with no other clutter in the way and no possibility of interruptions. Choosing a unit means you can also work and store your photography gear in one secure place and have access to the unit whenever you need it.

Video Content Creator

If you’re planning on running a successful YouTube channel or creating any other video content to support your business, then having a neutral, quiet, and secure place to film your videos is a must. A storage container can be the ideal solution if you need a place away from home to avoid interruptions and where you can focus fully on your video content creation.

Storage units are ideal spaces for video creation because they allow you to start with an empty and blank space. You don’t have to worry about anything being in the background or in view, as you can create your own backdrop and hang whatever you need to create your ideal video content space.

Office Work

For any business professional who requires a desk set up and office-type environment, a storage container can be the ideal solution without having to worry about renting official business premises. If all you need is a desk and a quiet place to work, a storage unit has everything you need. This can apply to any type of office professional, freelance work, and more.

So, there you have it! Some of the top businesses you can easily run from a storage container.

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