How to Secure A Storage Container

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There are many things to think about when choosing a storage unit and storing your items within a chosen container. One of these important aspects is your items’ security

You may think that the security of a storage container is the responsibility of the facility you choose. While the right storage company will always ensure the safekeeping of your items and implement their own security measures, there are also security measures you can take yourself as a unit renter to protect your items better.

In terms of the amount of security you’re looking to achieve, it’s good to think about what you’ll be storing, how valuable it might be, the level of access you require at different times of the day, and how you would feel about other storage unit users having access to the facility when you’re not there. All of these are important questions regarding how you can find peace of mind when away from your unit, knowing it is locked down in the best possible way.

Why is Storage Container Security Important?

Storage units are a lot more than simply a space to put your belongings at the end of the day. While, of course, it’s important to have enough unit space to store your goods properly, it’s also extremely important to know that your belongings are protected and stored safely for the duration that they will be there. That’s why storage container security is so important: to both protect your goods and give you peace of mind that while you’re separated from your belongings, they are safely stored.

Therefore, it’s important when searching for the right storage unit to combine both the square footage, the security of the unit itself, and the security of the storage company and location as a whole.

What About the Security Already Within the Facility?

Naturally, all storage units will come with some level of security, but there are ways you can improve on that with your own unit and belongings. Not only that, but some storage facilities will have upgraded security, such as some offering CCTV surveillance, whereas others may not. In terms of video surveillance, some storage companies may offer a 24/7 stream of video, others may have cameras operating only during certain hours of the day, or some may not have any camera surveillance at all.

When choosing a storage unit facility, you should compare all options to see which facilities have upgraded security or what kind of security you’re looking for regarding the overall location. Would you like outdoor video surveillance at the main door, car park, or surrounding area, as well as internal video surveillance, for instance? All of this can amount to extra security.

How Can I Secure a Storage Container in the Best Way?

There are a few extra things you can do for added security when it comes to your individual storage container (or containers).

  1. Think About Access

If you want a storage unit that is more locked down during certain hours, you might want to consider a unit that offers opening hours in line with your peace of mind. For example, some units offer 24-hour access, meaning individuals storing their goods can come and go at any and all hours, even if no one official is working at the premises.

Other units may only offer access during certain working hours of the day, which means no night-time access and access only when officials are working. Therefore, it’s up to you what you would feel most secure with in terms of storage facility access.

  1. Choose a Strong Padlock

Some storage facilities may provide a padlock for you, perhaps at an extra charge or even free, but many will also request that you provide your own secure and heavy-duty padlock. If you didn’t already know that this was a standard expectation, you might impulse buy a simple padlock to get one as quickly as possible.

However, you may want to invest in a strong padlock for additional security and research the best possible options to use within a storage facility to secure your unit fully.

  1. Decide About Key Storage

Another vital security measure is where you choose to store the keys for your padlock. After going to the trouble of investing in a high-quality lock for your unit, you also want to be sure to protect it by storing your keys safely. Some storage units will offer to secure padlock keys on-site, such as within a secure office, which can be locked out of operation hours, if that’s your preference to carrying them around with you (and risking losing them).

If you want to keep your key with you, you need to secure it somewhere safe and avoid being lost or stolen.

  1. Insure Your Items

For an extra security measure, be sure to take out adequate insurance cover for all the items you are storing within the facility. This helps for extra protection should anything happen to your items, such as damage or other security issues. Full insurance cover for items you’re storing, and especially highly valuable items, will be an important extra security feature to fully secure your storage container and everything in it.

You never want to have to think about the worst happening, but if it does, it’s helpful to know you’re fully insured and covered.

  1. Choose the Right Storage Company

One of the biggest security measures of all you can invest in is opting for a dependable storage company you can trust. Visit their site to understand how they take care of your items and how they are securely stored to grips with the security measures. The right local storage company should always put security at the forefront of everything they do, so choosing a storage facility that can prove to you that it’s secure and trusted will make a difference.

At, we can help you compare all secure storage units and find your peace of mind.

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