Get Organized This Spring: Helpful Storage Organization Tips

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If you are having trouble organizing your storage unit, you are likely doing something wrong. Before you get completely frustrated, take a deep breath and check out the following organization tips below.

  1. Use Totes

One of the best organization storage tools is rubber or plastic storage totes. These totes are ideal because you can easily stack them on one another and they will not collapse with any additional weight. For example, if you take a cardboard box and place it on top of another, it can place too much weight on the other box and cause the bottom box to give and crush your items.

When you choose rubber or plastic totes, make sure that you choose ones that are large enough to store your belongings. Choosing totes that are too small will mean that you need more to hold all of your items.

  1. Add Shelving

If you have a lot of items stored within your storage unit, consider adding shelving to the unit. While you cannot install permanent shelving within the unit, you can easily purchase organizational shelving that is a standalone unit. These additional shelves will provide you with the space you need while keeping all of your items organized.

Another great organization idea is to purchase storage drawers and hooks, so that you can fold items or hang them as the need arises. Of course, you only want to do this if you will get use out of it, otherwise, it will simply take up too much space.

  1. Get Another Unit

While it may not be the solution you were looking for, you may need to consider renting a second storage unit. This will help free up some additional space within your current unit and you will be able to navigate and access your items easily.

When it comes to renting a second unit, only rent the size you need, that way, you do not accumulate even more items. You should split up the items in a concise manner. For example, you want to try and place items you either will need to access in the new unit or items you plan not to access for a while into the new unit.

  1. Heavy First Then Light

When you start to put items in your storage unit, make sure that you place all of the heavy items on the floor. You want these items to go in first because it will be much more difficult for you to try and fit heavy items in once you already have lighter items in your unit. Once the heavy items are in place, you can start adding your lighter boxes and totes.

If you are trying to organize your storage unit, always pack items neatly and then have a system of organization in place. While you cannot install shelves onto the walls of your unit, you can make sure of standalone shelving and drawers to keep your items properly stored.

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