Cleaning Out Your Home? Best Items to Donate to Your Local Charity

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If you are planning to clean out your home before a move, don’t toss out all of your items just yet. In fact, if you are having a hard time letting go of some items, you may want to consider donating some of your items to your local charity because after all, there is always someone who can use the items. Not sure what you should be donating? Let’s help you out with it. Below, we will go over some items that local charities can use.

  1. Clothes

Many local charities can use clothes. Local organizations usually hand out clothes to those who are in need and you can choose to donate to a variety of charities and each one will use the donations differently. For example, if you have a bunch of maternity clothes you want to donate, a pregnancy shelter would be an ideal place to donate to because they have many mothers in need.

You can donate all types of clothes from pants to socks and shirts. The local charities take a variety of sizes and clothes are handed out to men, women, and children.

  1. Blankets

Think about those cold months when those who are homeless have to sleep outside. Local charities take your blanket donations and pass them out to homeless shelters, homeless citizens, and also local hospitals that may be in need of the blankets.

  1. Furniture

If you have furniture you no longer want, consider donating it to charity. You probably have not thought of donating this item before, but it is something that many people enjoy. There are some homes that are lacking a couch or even a bed to lie on and your donation can help.

  1. Vehicles

If you are planning on moving and you are leaving your vehicle behind, you may want to consider donating it to a local charity. There are many charities that will take the vehicle and give it to a family in need. This will allow the family to be able to go to appointments and it will allow the parents to find jobs.

If you are thinking about just selling the car and donating the cash, you may want to talk to your local charity as many of them do not accept cash donations. You want to make sure you give the charity an item that can be distributed.

  1. Pet Items

While this donation may seem bizarre at first glance, there are many homeless people who have pets that need to be taken care of as well. In addition, there are many animal shelters that could use additional blankets, food, and cages to take care of the shelter animals who are waiting for their forever home.

Before you toss out all of your unwanted items, take some time to see if your local charity wants to take it in as a donation. There are many unfortunate people who would benefit from your donations.

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