College is Officially Over! What to Keep and What to Toss

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Congratulations! College is officially over and now you can start to relax. But, wait! You still need to clean out your dorm room before you head home. When it comes time to clean out your space, you may be unsure of what items you need to keep and what items you need to toss. While it is entirely up to you as to what you keep and do not keep, we will go over some of the most commonly tossed out and kept items from college days.

Items to Keep

Let’s talk about some of the items that we think you should keep as you say goodbye to your college dorm room.

  1. Your Electronics

You do not want to throw away your electronics, especially if they are in working condition. Make sure that you take your laptop, television, phone, and any other electronics that you brought with you.

  1. Your Clothing

Unless you really wore down your clothing, take it along with you because, after all, you will need it. If you do have some clothes that are dingy and ready to go into the trash can, do exactly that – it will be less for you to pack anyways.

  1. Schoolwork That Builds Up Your Skills

If you completed your degree in something such as arts, medicine, law, or any other field where you would have a portfolio of papers and projects, you want to make sure you hang on to these. Your portfolio is going to play a significant role in your life as you attempt to land your first career, so do not toss out those items just yet.

  1. Pictures

You may want to keep some of the pictures you took while you were in college. Of course, do not take every single picture frame with you, but grab the pictures and place them in an album.

Items to Toss

  1. Décor Used for Your Dorm Room

Now that you have graduated, you do not need to take your dorm room décor with you. Those boy and girl band posters can come down and you can get rid of the brightly-colored items you once liked.

  1. School supplies and Project That Are NOT Portfolio Worthy

You do not need to keep all of your school supplies and school paperwork, unless it is going to be used in your portfolio. Even if you choose to add items to your portfolio, you are not going to need four or six years’ worth of items.

  1. Your Bedding and Towels

It is easy to transfer bed bugs from one area to another and even if your dorm room has never seen a bed bug, your bedding and towels are likely well used. Toss them and purchase new ones when you get home.

Now that your college days are over, get ready to go through all of your items and toss what you do not need and keep what you thin will help you in your future journey.

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