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Moving home is never easy, whether it is a local move or a long-distance relocation. It takes a lot of planning, time, and energy, and even when everything goes according to plan, it is still a major upheaval to your day-to-day life, not to mention the prospect of unpacking all those boxes. Moving makes you realize how you can easily take the simple things for granted, like knowing whether the mugs are for a simple cup of coffee (which is very much needed during a demanding move!).

While you cannot eliminate the stress of moving completely, you can take lots of steps to make the process a lot easier.

  1. Start Arranging the Move as Soon as You’re Able

Even before you have an official move date, there is a lot you can do in advance, even if you are only at the start of your moving journey. If you know that you are actively looking to move home, then there are many things you can begin doing in preparation. Leaving a lot until the last minute will only run the risk of increasing stress or potentially forgetting about key tasks.

Once you have an official move date, begin arranging everything you need to do as soon as possible, such as booking removal or packing. Some removal companies will need a lot of notice, so the sooner you begin comparing quotes, the better. You can even begin pricing up removal companies when you are starting out searching for a home, so at least then you know exactly who you are going to use when the time comes.

  • Start Decluttering as Soon as Possible

It is always best to avoid time and energy packing and transporting items you do not want, not to mention it could cost more in official shipping charges if you are using more boxes and packing material. The sooner you start decluttering, the better, for then you know that what you are taking is absolutely what you want to keep.

It will also make it easier to start afresh in your new home, as you will not have to worry about unpacking clutter and then having to sort through it to donate or sell when you have just moved into a new place.

  • Begin Packing in Advance

There are a lot of items you will not be able to pack in advance, but if there is anything you can get started on, this will be a great help before moving day. If you can pack up a spare room completely, for instance, and store the boxes in there, that is one room less than you need to do closer to your moving date. Start to pack smaller items that you do not need every day, such as ornaments or out-of-season clothes you are not wearing at the moment. You will thank yourself for it later!

  • Use a Storage Unit for Anything You Need

Moving home can make you reconsider all your possessions and what you want to take with you; there may be items that you want to keep but do not necessarily want to take to your new home. Or, you may simply not have room for a lot of things. A storage unit near you is a very helpful way to keep what you need but not have to worry about finding a place for it in your new home.

Additionally, storage units are great options if you have a moving deadline and will not have the chance to go through your items. Storing what you need in a storage unit for the time being until you can get round to sorting in your own time can be helpful during a stressful move, so you do not have to worry about where you are going to put certain items.

  • Have Everything Done Professionally if You Can

Moving can be expensive, and it’s understandable why many people aim to do as much as possible themselves instead of hiring professionals to do it. While this is a budget-friendly option for some moves, if you have a large move covering a large distance with a lot of items, it can be much less of a worry to hire professional movers to help you. This means you can leave the heavy lifting and the transportation (or even the packing and unpacking) to a professional team. It also decreases the risk of damage to items, and injury to you, by allowing professional movers to carry and place items.

  • Leave Out Essential Items Packed Separately

Your main focus may be getting everything packed and into your home so you can begin to settle but think about the time when you first arrive at your new property and have a lot of unpacking to do. Is there anything essential you are going to need straight away? This could be toiletries, food and drink, basic cutlery, and even a first aid kit.

Be sure to pack a bag or box of essential items separately from the rest of your removal items so that you do not have to face the prospect of trying to find key items in your stack of boxes.

  • Begin Working Through Your To-Do List Before You Move

Along with the physical packing and moving, many other things need to be done during a move, such as arranging new bills, changing addresses, etc. You do not have to wait until you have officially moved to get started on your to-do list, and anything you can arrange in advance will mean less pressure on you during a busy move. Even if you contact utility companies and give them your official move date beforehand, they can then make the switch for you at the right time.

You may also want to prepare anything else in advance, such as finding key services in the area like a doctors or dentist. It is much better to aim to do this before you move so that you do not have to worry about an emergency if you have not found the right service just yet.

Good luck with the move!

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