Tips for Organizing Your Attic

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The attic is not often used as a living space and is more or less designed to serve as a storage space. Many homes have large attics while others have smaller attics. It is important that no matter the size of your attic, you keep it organized and clean. To help you through this process, we will go over some tips to ensure that you are able to organize your attic and keep it that way.

  1. Recruit Some Help

The first thing you want to do is recruit some help to clean out and organize your attic. You will find that this is a grueling job, especially if you live in an area where temperatures soar during the spring and summer.

The help that you recruit should be able to hand you boxes, go through items, and pack up items to be stored. One way to pay back those who do offer a helpful hand is to provide beverages and snacks while the job is being completed.

  1. Get Rid of Junk

Once you have help in place, it is time to go through the items that are already in your attic and declutter as much as possible. You should open old boxes and toss out any items that you no longer want or need.

If you come across a lot of valuable items, you can sell them in a yard sale to make a few bucks. Also, consider letting your friends take home any treasures that they uncover while helping you.

  1. Determine What You Should Store in the Attic

Now that you have gone through everything in the attic, it is time to put the items back plus any other items you want to store up there. One thing to keep in mind is that the attic does get hot, so you do not want to put items that will melt up there. You also want to make sure that you keep clothes and furniture out of the direct sunlight, as the sun can cause fading.

  1. Label Everything to Locate It

Once you have determined the items to head back into the attic, slap a label on the boxes, so you know which items are where. This is a great way to keep organized as well because you will be able to quickly locate items when you need them in the future.

  1. Keep a Walkway Clear

Since you will likely need to access the attic from time to time, you do not want it to be packed to the ceiling. Make sure you keep a walkway or crawl space free, so that you can reach the items you need.

Your attic does not have to be a difficult place to keep clean and organized, but if you have never done the work, it will be a bit stressful the first time around. When it comes time to organize the attic, remember, the less items you have to store, the easier it will be to keep the items organized.


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