Professional Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Storage Unit

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Pests! We share the world with them, but we definitely do not want to share our items with them. But, what happens when they invade your storage unit? Pests are known to make their way into storage units, especially if the storage unit is not properly taken care of. Of course, you do not have to expect pests to be part of your storage experience and there are ways to ward them off. Below, we will provide you with some professional tips to keep pests out of your storage unit.

Pest Control is Key

You can do everything within your power to keep the pests out of your unit but if there is no form of pest control, your endeavors will not work. What we mean by this is that the storage facility itself needs to have some type of pest control in place whether it is a service every month or allowing you to spray around your unit.

One of the reasons pest control is so important too is because if you have a unit next to you that is dirty or has tons of pests, those pests will eventually make their way to your unit if no pest control measures are in place. 

Check the Unit FIRST

While we all want to believe that the storage unit we are renting is free from pests, we do not know what the people prior to us stored in there and we do not know when it was last cleaned. With that said, professionals recommend that you spend some time inspecting the unit and looking in any cracks or crevices to see if there are any pests in them. This is a good way to identify any issues. Experts also recommend that you place a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place them around the unit to ward off the pests.

Keep Items Off the Floor

Experts say that most pests are on the ground level. To best prevent pests from getting into your items, make sure that shelves are slightly pulled away from the walls and that your items are not on the ground. Simply placing boxes on a pallet or shelving unit will ensure that ants and other pests that crawl cannot easily get into your items.

Keep Food Out of Your Unit

While you would think this would be an obvious one, it is not always. You want to make sure that you do NOT store any food within your storage unit. While shelf stable canned foods may be okay, you do NOT want any perishables in the unit including dog or cat food. Food attracts pests and you are likely to find them in your unit if you have food in there.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit

Professionals recommend that if you are worried about pests, you should choose a climate-controlled storage unit. While they may cost you a little extra money, they are worth every penny as you will be more safeguarded against pests. Remember, pests may feast on your wood furniture and destroy the fabric on your couches, so it is always worth it to consider other options.

Pests Can Be Kept Away with a Little Work

With a little work, you can keep pests out of your storage unit. The above tips can help you rent a storage unit that is pest free.

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