New Baby on the Way? Here’s How You Can Prepare the Nursery

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Having a new baby on the way is exciting but you may start to feel stressed out as you look around at everything that needs to be done. From baby proofing to getting the room ready for your new baby, it may seem like the list is never ending. Below, we have a helpful list that can help you prepare the nursery and when you should start the preparations.

Know Your Theme

There are so many baby themes out there to choose from that you may find yourself having quite the trouble figuring out what theme you do want. That is okay. You should have your theme picked out by about 20 weeks, as this will allow you enough time to paint and decorate before the baby arrives.

Having trouble finding a theme? Check out Pinterest. You will find thousands of ideas and we are confident you will find something you love.

Pick Out a Crib and Nursery Furniture

Once you have the theme in mind, you can start to purchase the furniture for your baby’s nursery. The most important piece of furniture is going to be the crib. You have several choices when it comes to cribs from small and compact ones to large ones, ones that convert to toddler beds and more. It is up to you and your preference as to which you choose. However, do make sure that whatever crib you choose is up to US safety standards. Your child will be sleeping and spending a lot of time in the crib, so you want it to be as safe and comfortable as possible.

After you choose the crib, you can then choose other furniture to go in the room such as a nursery chair, changing table, and any other accent pieces you want.

As you do pick out your nursery furniture, think about storage space and try to choose items that contain a lot of storage for you to use because you will need it.

Paint the Space

You have your theme and you have the furniture, now, you just need to pull the look together with a little paint. You can choose any color you want that matches your theme but do not wait until the last minute to paint because if you do, you will find that other things come up and it is hard to find time to actually get the painting done.

Start Getting the Clothes Ready

Once you have had your baby shower, sometime between 20 week and 35 weeks, take a day or two to launder and fold all the baby clothes. You will find that completing this step allows you to rest closer to your due date and prepares you best for when baby does come home.

To ensure you keep a neat and organized space, it is recommended that you only put out the items that you will utilize within the first few months. For example, keep newborn and 0 to 3 month clothes out and keep the others stored neatly in the closet or somewhere else.

Get Your Nursery Ready

We think the above tips will help you get your baby’s nursery ready for the big arrival. While it may seem like your baby’s due date is far away, time will catch up with you, so take the time to prepare the nursery now, so that you can relax and be stress free closer to delivery.

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