Moving with Kids: Ideas to Make it Fun

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Moving can be rough, especially on young children and teens. Instead of a drab day, you can spruce it up by entertaining your children and creating a fun atmosphere that makes moving exciting.

Below, we will go over some ways that you can involve your kids in the moving process so that they enjoy the day and do not sulk.

  1. Have a Small Get Together

One way to help your kids start to adjust to the move is to throw a small get together. You can invite friends, family, and neighbors over. This will allow your child to say goodbye to those who matter the most to him or her.

  1. Create a Collage

Before heading out and packing everything up, make a collage with your child. The collage can include items from your current home, pictures, leaves, and more. This collage will help your child remember his or her time living in your current home.

  1. Go Camping in Your New Home

You can plan and execute an indoor or outdoor camping trip in your new home. Whether you camp in the living room or backyard, your child will enjoy the fun adventure that awaits.

If you have a fireplace in the living room, consider lighting it and making some s’mores indoors.

  1. Play a Game

Packing and unpacking do not have to be serious all of the time. You can create a game for your child to play while he or she packs and unpacks. Of course, don’t forget to include some delicious treats or prizes along the way.

For example, you can take two boxes of equal size and have a race to see who can empty theirs first and get all of the contents put away.

  1. Create a Scavenger Hunt

One fun and exciting way to make moving fun is with a scavenger hunt. You can hide some items throughout the rooms in the house. Send your kids on a hunt to find these items. This game will help them become acquainted with the new home too.

Moving does not have to be scary or sad for your children. You can make the entire experience fun by thinking of some games to play to help your child adapt. The above five ideas will help get you started towards making moving fun and exciting.

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