Love the Cold Weather? Here Are the BEST Cities to Visit in the Winter

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As the warm air starts to set in, you may already be dreaming about a white winter wonderland. If you are someone who loves cold weather, the summer months can be quite grueling, especially as it heats up and often tops over 90 degrees in many places. Fortunately, you do have the winter to look forward to. Below, you will find our list of the best cities to visit in the winter time and we are confident you will fall in love with them when you do visit. Let’s take a look.

Jackson Hole in Wyoming

You may have never heard of this city out in Wyoming, but Jackson Hole has a lot to offer you in the winter time. While here, you want to visit the Teton ringed valet as it is known for its beauty and 3,000 stretching acres of terrain. You will experience amazing views and see snow all over the ground as you make your way throughout the local city. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop too, so plan to be merry.

Aspen in Colorado

Aspen is a wonderful location to visit in the winter and the breathtaking views of the mountains, snow, and beautifully frozen lakes will blow you away. This city is known for their adventurous winter life and you can enjoy everything from snuggling up in a cabin to heading down the slopes on some skis. Your adventures will be endless and at the end of the night, simply dunk yourself into one of the hot tubs and watch the snow fall near you. How perfect!

Santa Fe in New Mexico

When you hear Santa Fe, New Mexico, you likely think of a hot and sunny summer city. While this is true for Santa Fe, the winters are unique in that you will see snow. The snow falls often and covers the local fixtures and landmarks in the perfect way. You definitely do not want to miss a winter vacation to this city. One of the nice things about a vacation here is that you can enjoy the city life from the local museum to the eateries and more.

Charleston in South Carolina

Charleston is known for making top lists because it offers the best of both worlds to those who visit. Winter time in Charleston is worth every minute and you will find yourself enjoying mildly cold weather. You may see snow while here, but even if you do not, the cold air is enough to make you want to return. As you are here, you want to take advantage of dining at the city’s best restaurants and exploring what the city has to offer in the way of entertainment.

Have Yourself a Nice Winter This Year

You can have yourself a nice winter this year when you choose to visit one of the cities above. Each one has something unique to offer in the winter months, but you will be able to enjoy the best part of winter – cold air and snow. If you get a chance, definitely check out one of these options, you will have a ton of fun.

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