Love Food? Here are the Top 5 Food-Loving Cities You Should Move To

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Food! Who doesn’t love it? A true foodie knows how important it is to live in a city where there is not only an abundance of food but a wide and varied selection of DELICIOUS and GOOD food. If you are a foodie, you are in for a treat as we will list the top cities to live in if you love food and all it has to offer.

Austin, Texas

If you have never been to Austin, Texas, it is time for you to plan out a trip. Not only will you love being here, you will want to move here, and it is the perfect city for any food lover. This city has a ton to offer in the way of food from local favorites to a Tex-Mex mix that you will gorge in for days. Some of the most popular foods include BBQ and you will find that the city has an offering of more than 1,000 food trucks to choose from.

Bloomington, Indiana

Now that your mouth is watering, the next up on the list is Bloomington, which is in Indiana. The food scene here is something that you likely would not expect and it is quite healthy too. Some of the foods that you will find served here include vegetarian offerings, burgers, and much more. There is a local bakery that makes fresh doughnuts that come in a wide variety of flavors.

Cleveland, Ohio

Want to enjoy delicious food EVERY day? You need to move to Cleveland, Ohio. The city is home to many types of delicious offerings such as Japanese favorites including wagyu beef. You will also find freshly baked breads throughout the city and many of the local restaurants offer fresh scallops cooked just the way you like them. Your food options will appear endless here in Cleveland.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Home to many local attractions and events for you to attend, Fort Lauderdale makes this list because it is an excellent city to live in if you are a food lover. The city offers a diverse food fare option and you can dine and eat Italian, walk around the city munching on a classic American dish, or you can lounge near the water and consume a local favorite dish. From sushi to ice cream and everything in between, you can dine and take in the sun.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is an excellent city for any food lover to move to. Nearby is Philadelphia, where you can enjoy some of the best cheesesteaks too, so you really have no reason not to move here. Harrisburg is home to tons of different food options to get your mouthwatering and stomach full. You can dine on a wide selection of different cultural food options including dishes from India. Many of the locals enjoy the fresh pierogis, pizza, and crab cakes.

Get Ready to Feast

All of the above cities are perfect for you if you love to eat. Each one offers its unique spin on food and you will find that there are many options for you to choose from as well.

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