How to Choose the Best RV Storage Facility for Your Needs

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Storing your RV is not always an easy task and you may find yourself on the hunt for a storage facility that can meet your needs. But, what should you ACTUALLY look for when you start to shop around for an RV storage facility? Below, we will help you identify some of the things you want to consider and look for as you do look for a facility for your needs.


One of the first things you want to look at when you are choosing an RV storage facility is security. The security of your RV is important, but you can do everything possible and if the facility is not secure, then your RV is not safe. As you shop around, take some time to look for a facility that can provide you with the best security possible. You want a facility that has cameras, video recording, a fenced in area, and gate code access to enter. These small measures will help ensure that your RV is protected.

Hook Ups

Prepping and winding down your RV can be a serious problem if you do not have the hook ups that you need. Keeping your RV at home allows you to access electricity and water as needed to ensure the RV is clean and ready for your next trip, but if you need to keep your RV at a storage facility, what do you do?

There are storage facilities that offer hook ups and these hook ups allow you to plug in the RV or other items that you need to, so that you can care for your RV properly. As you look for a storage facility, consider one that has the option to access hook ups.

Space and Size of Spaces

Another thing you want to look for at the RV storage facility of your choice is what size spaces they have and the availability of the space. If you have a large RV, you do not want to try to squeeze it into a small space. Also, you want the storage facility to have availability for your RV as well.

Many facilities have small and large spaces for RVs so it is important for you to check out the availability and look at the different sizes to see which one would best fit your RV. This is a good time to keep an eye out for hook ups as well.


Lastly, you want to choose an RV storage facility that has convenient access options for you. Many facilities have a strict 8 am to 5 pm policy where you can only access your items in between those hours. If you are someone who does not operate within those hours, it is important for you to choose a facility that has relaxed access hours. Some storage facilities do offer 24-hour access, which is an excellent option if you want to be able to take your RV out whenever you want.

Choose the Best Facility for Your RV

As you look for a storage facility for your RV, keep the above tips in mind as this will help you narrow down the best facility for your needs.

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