How Big is a 5×5 Storage Unit? Storage Unit Specs & Sizes

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When it comes to storage unit sizes, most spaces are measured in square feet, with a 5×5 storage unit size coming in at 5 feet wide, 5 feet long, and totaling 25 square feet.

However, this doesn’t answer the more important questions of “what can I fit in a 5×5 unit?” and “what can I use 5×5 storage units for?”
If this is the information you need before you can choose a storage facility for your belongings, then all you need to do is keep reading.

How big is 25 square feet?

When it comes to how big is a 5×5 storage unit, it can be easier to imagine the unit in terms of a comparable space rather than a metric. As a rough guide, a 5×5 storage unit size of 25 feet is about the same size as a large closet, with the average ceiling height of around 8 feet.

Typically, 5×5 storage units are the smallest ones on offer and provide the most cost-effective storage solutions. You can use a 5×5 unit for either personal use or for business storage. Find out a list of storage unit locations in the United States here, and then choose the right size for your storage needs.  

What can I store in a 5×5 storage unit?

As mentioned above, you can fit the contents of a large closet or small room into a 5×5 storage unit. Items you can store include:

• Seasonal clothing
• Chairs
• A small desk
• A small bookcase
• A twin or full-size mattress
• Suitcases
• Lamps
• Pool accessories or garden tools
• Boxes

If you need extra space, you may want to consider jumping up a size and opting for a 5×10 unit instead.

Why might I need a 5×5 storage unit?

There are several reasons why you might need to rent 5×5 storage units in raleigh, including:

Student self-storage

Rather than haul all your belongings back home at the end of the semester, why not simply place your desk, chair, and dresser into a compact, cost-effective 5×5 unit?

Re-modeling space

If you are giving your home a makeover and you need extra space, a 5×5 unit is a perfect place to store away a few items of furniture and any valuable belongings.

Seasonal storage

Chances are you have clothing, decorations, and even tools that you only use at certain times of the year. Rather than let these items take up precious storage space in your home, why not instead place them in a 5×5 unit until the time comes when you need them again.

Business storage

Whether you want somewhere to store important documents or you have some extra stock that needs a more permanent home, a 5×5 storage unit is a perfect size to accommodate small business storage needs.

How many boxes can I fit in a 5×5 storage unit?

You can fit approximately 5 to 8 boxes inside a 5×5 storage unit, although the exact amount will be dependent on the size of your boxes. You can fit in more boxes by stacking them vertically, helping to maximize space.

Can I use a 5×5 unit for vehicle storage?

A 5×5 storage unit is not big enough to store either a small car or a motorcycle. To accommodate items of this size, you need to rent a larger unit such as a 10×25 which is comparable to the size of a one-car garage.

What types of 5×5 storage can I choose from?

There are several different types of 5×5 storage units that you can choose from, with each option being dependent on your budget and the specific goods that you are looking to store.

Indoor 5×5 storage

If you are storing valuable items or belongings that hold sentimental value, you may prefer to choose indoor storage for added peace of mind. These can be slightly more expensive than outdoor storage options but are worth the extra money if you are storing precious items.

Indoor storage is also a good option for those looking for long-term storage spaces as they can better protect your items from changing weather conditions.

Outdoor 5×5 storage

Outdoor storage is your cheapest option and is a perfectly good short-term storage solution. It can also be a good choice if you are storing items that are not worth a lot and are not prone to damage from either heat or humidity.

Climate controlled 5×5 storage

You can find indoor 5×5 storage units that are climate-controlled, meaning that they are kept at a consistent and optimal temperature throughout the year. Although a little more costly, this is a good storage option if you are storing items that could become damaged by extreme heat or cold and items that you want to keep protected from pests.

Should I rent a 5×5 storage unit?

Now that you know how big is a 5×5 storage unit, you now need to determine whether this is the right storage size unit for your storage needs. As mentioned above, there are several different options when it comes to 5×5 storage units, and you need to ensure you pick the right one for your budget and your peace of mind.

When choosing a storage facility provider, be sure to choose one that:

• Offers both short and long term rental options
• Provides 24-hour surveillance
• Supplies units that are well lit for ease of use
• Provides a clean, well-maintained space
• Offers a variety of locations that are convenient for you offers the largest database of storage facilities in the United States, with storage solutions to fit all budgets and requirements. Simply enter your zip code or city and the date you would like to check your items in and find a storage unit provider in your area that ticks all your boxes.

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