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Commonly Asked and Answered Questions about 5x5 Storage Units

StorageArea is proud to be able to offer its customers a wide range of self-storage unit sizes to include one of our popular smaller options, the 5x5 unit. These units are ideal for seasonal items and extra space that you may be lacking in your home. Whether this is your first time renting a self-storage unit or you are trying to decide between the different sizes of units, we believe these 5x5 storage unit FAQs will assist you in your decision.

If you still have questions after browsing these FAQs or you did not find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to reach out to us and one of our friendly customer service agents will assist you.

5x5 Storage Unit

Learn More About 5x5 Storage Unit Types and Sizes

How big is one of your 5x5 self-storage units?

When looking at a 5x5 unit, it is 5 feet in length and 5 feet in width for a total of 25 square feet of room. You could compare the size of this unit to a large-size closet. Many of the 5x5 units that we offer typically come with an 8-foot-high ceiling, which provides you with a total of 200 cubic feet of area to store your items. If you would like to know the exact dimensions of our available 5x5 units, please do not hesitate to call us!

What is a drive up 5x5 unit?

You may have heard the term drive-up storage unit used before and this type of unit offers the renter both convenience and the ability to drive right up to the unit door. Indoor units require you to get out of your vehicle and walk inside where as drive-up units are just that – they allow you to pull right up. These drive-up 5x5 units make loading and unloading your vehicle easy and convenient. One of the nice features behind 5x5 drive-up units is that they often come with large roll-up doors, which makes moving items in and out easier. One thing you do want to keep in mind though is that a drive-up unit, no matter the size is not climate controlled and the temperature and humidity within them are close to the outside conditions.

Do you have any pictures of your 5x5 units?

Of course! You can view pictures of our 5x5 units at any time but depending on the location and availability of 5x5 units, your unit may vary slightly. However, if you want to see the exact unit you would be renting, our specialists can help you out – just give us a call.

I think a 5x5 unit would be too big. What other options are available to me?

Our smallest self-storage unit is a 5x5. However, if you are looking for an alternative option, we do offer locker units here on site that may work for you. Our locker units vary is shape, size, and height, but are a good option when you do not need an entire unit. Some of the locker options we do have available include 3x4, 4x5, and 5x4. If you would like to learn more about our locker units or your alternative options, please give us a call.

What is the difference between a 5x5 unit indoors or outdoors?

When choosing a storage unit, you will be able to choose from either an indoor or outdoor option. There are some differences but ultimately, the decision on which option is best comes down to meeting your needs. Indoor 5x5 units offer you some additional peace of mind as your unit will be climate controlled and inside the building. Outdoor 5x5 units are not climate controlled, which means the temperature outside is the temperature within your unit. When you think of an outdoor unit, think of a space similar to a garage. Indoor units are ideal for customers who plan to store their items for an extended period of time and those who have temperature or climate sensitive items.

Items That Fit into a 5x5 Self-Storage Unit

What can I fit into my 5x5 storage unit?

A 5x5 storage unit can best be compared to a large closet and comes with about 25 square feet of room for you to utilize. There are several types of items that will fit comfortably within the unit such as small bookcases, chairs, small desks, lamps, and suitcases. You could also store small countertop kitchen appliances, seasonal decorations, seasonal equipment, and clothing. If you need space that is equivalent to the size of one room, you should check out our 5x10 self-storage unit option.

Does a queen size bed fit inside of a 5x5 unit?

It might. The standard size of a queen size mattress is about 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width, which means that you could likely squeeze it into a 5x5 unit. However, to prevent damage to the queen mattress and to provide yourself with adequate space, we would recommend either a 5x10 or 5x15 self-storage unit for your mattress.

Will my motorcycle fit in a 5x5 self-storage unit?

No. Most motorcycles will not fit into our standard 5x5 unit. You also want to make sure you take some time to learn more about the policies of the specific location you decide to rent from. Some may have unique policies or rules regarding the storage of a motor vehicle.

If you do need to store a motorcycle, our 5x10 and 5x15 storage unit sizes are the best option for you and allow enough space for the bike and for you to move around. If you do choose to store a motor vehicle with us, please note that it must be insured, registered, and in working condition.

For any and all vehicle storage needs, please reach out to one of our customer service specialists as we are confident that we have a solution that is just right for you. We offer dedicated storage for RVs, cars, and trucks too.

Approximately how many boxes can I fit into a 5x5 unit?

A 5x5 unit is approximately the size of a closet, which means you can easily store 5 to 8 boxes within it, depending on their size. Some units have ceilings up to 8 feet high, which means you can stack your boxes to maximize space potential as well.

Prices, Availability, and Amenities of 5x5 Storage Units

How much will the average 5x5 unit cost me per month?

The location, availability, and amenities associated with your 5x5 unit will determine the exact cost. For instance, a 5x5 unit located indoors will cost more than a drive-up one that is outside.

Finding and renting a 5x5 unit has never been so easy! You can reserve the exact size unit you want with any amenities you choose with our no obligation and hassle-free reservation process. We do offer move-in specials on most of our units to help you save money!

Where can I find a cheap 5x5 self-storage unit near me?

StorageArea has many different storage locations throughout the nation that come in a variety of sizes and prices. As your local number one provider of storage units, we are confident that you will be able to find yourself a 5x5 unit near you that fits into your budget.