Getting Ready to Have Guests Over for the Weekend? Here’s How to Prepare the Guest Room for an Enjoyable Experience for Everyone

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You are likely already running around pulling your hair out trying to prepare your home for your guests to come over. As you clean the house, cook food, and try to destress, you probably forgot to even touch the guest room that they will be staying in while visiting you. Below, you will find some ways that you can prepare the guest room for one of the best enjoyable experience for both you and your guests.

Remove Clutter from the Room

You would not want to sleep in a room that was packed full of clutter, would you? Neither do your guests. You should take some time to remove all of the clutter out of the guest room and find a new home for it. If you do not have a home for the items, you may want to consider renting a storage unit for the time.

Know What Your Guests Need

Just as you would expect your guest room to have the equipment that you need, your guests will expect their room to have some equipment. For example, do your guests watch TV? Do they use the computer? These are things that you want to think about and consider placing in the room before your guests arrive.

On a side note, if you do place a computer or laptop in the room, make sure to leave the password to the Internet somewhere visible.

Make Them Feel at Home

Even though your guests know who you are and are comfortable with you, they likely still miss being at home. Everyone gets homesick and you can help them feel more at home by placing things in the room that will help calm them down. For instance, a bamboo plant, a music player with soft tunes in it, or even an essential oil lamp or diffuser for them to enjoy.

Don’t Make Them Ask for Linens

One of the worst things you could do would be to forget to put clean linens in their room. Guests do not want to have to ask you for clean linens nor should they have to – within reasonable limits. You should place enough towels, washcloths, and bed sheets in the room for their entire stay. This way, they do not need to feel awkward asking for those things.

You should also keep them stocked on linens and towels throughout their stay and offer to take the used ones off their hands. This will help make their experience that much better.

Ensure the Room is Clean

Before your guests arrive, do make sure the bedroom and bathroom are clean. You do not want to be embarrassed and you do not want your guests uncomfortable. Make sure to stock up the bathroom with the essentials such as toilet paper, feminine products, soap, and similar. While your guests may bring their own, you do not want to assume that they did.

Do What You Can to Make Your Guests Comfortable

Do what you can to ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible. Think about it as if you were the guest – what would you want?

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