What to Know about Houston BEFORE You Move

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If you are moving to Houston, you are probably excited and you should be for good reason. The city is growing quickly and many people love calling this place home. As with any city, there are some things you should know before you simply move to Houston. Below, we will go over some things we think you should know or familiarize yourself with BEFORE your move.

  1. Accept Bad Hair Days

One of the things women and girls need to understand is that bad hair days happen and there is nothing you can do about it. But, don’t worry because everyone knows this and understands it, so you do not have to feel like the odd one out.

Bad hair days are so common because of the humidity and heat. Trust, your hair may look nice one day and it will be frizzy the next.

  1. Houston is Continuing to Grow

Unlike some other cities that may have come to a standstill, Houston is thriving and the job market is continuing to grow. This is a positive for you, especially since you are moving here. Due to the growth, many people have been moving to Houston and calling this place their new home.

  1. Live Near Your Workplace

It is a good idea to live close by to your workplace in Houston, especially since driving the roads can be grueling. In fact, traffic is one of the worst things of the city and the cost of transportation can easily run a few thousand dollars for the year. To cut this cost and the frustration you’ll face daily, live near where you plan to work.

  1. Art and Museums Are Not Far

You will find that Houston is filled with many different activities and two of those things do not run short in Houston and they are museums and art galleries. If you are an art or history buff, you will love it here and Houston has won awards multiple times for their amazing galleries and museums.

  1. Food is No Laughing Matter

When it comes to Houston, food is no laughing matter. In fact, you have to try the barbecue and if you don’t, you will never be a true Houstonian. One of the best things about the city is that you will find many BBQ options and Tex-Mex restaurants that offer a spicy affair.

  1. Sports Are a Big Thing

From baseball to football and basketball, you will find that everyone loves their sports and you should plan to spend your weekends talking about sports and engulfing yourself in the sporting mood.

If you plan to move to Houston, you will quickly find that the locals are nice, the beer is cold, and the barbecue smells amazing. Although you may be shy when you first move here, don’t be afraid to throw yourself into the crowd and learn more about the local who you will be sharing space with.

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