Thinking Of Putting Clothes in Self Storage? Here’s how…

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Having a large walk-in closet is every woman’s dream. However, not every woman has this wish fulfilled in the face of limited storage in small homes and apartments. Where many people find it hard to fit all their everyday clothes in the closet spaces available, thinking about storing the extra winter layers is impossible.

The answer to this dilemma? Self storage. Using self storage units for packing away clothes has become an easy solution to crammed closets and unruly cupboards. Women usually rent out small units that can hold extra clothing, linens and warm jackets that may not be needed on a regular basis. Since most self storage companies grant 24/7 access of these units, retrieving the stored clothes at any time is not a problem.

However, this does not mean that you can simply stuff all your extra clothes in a carton, stack it away in self storage and forget about it for months. There are many rules that apply to self storing clothes- some that are imposed by the company, and others that are just common sense.

Tips to Effectively Pack Clothing in Self Storage

If you want to make sure that you pick up your clothes in the same condition that you left them in, even after months of being in an enclosed self storage unit, following these 4 easy, but effective, self storage tips.

1. Always Clean the Clothes First

Just because you won’t be using these clothes for a while doesn’t mean you can pack them dirty. Make sure you clean the clothes before packing them because any weak stains left on the clothes for a long period will only make them more prominent. Moreover, sugary stains will attract insects, no matter how many layers you use to pack the clothes.

2. Always Use Proper Packing Materials

Choosing appropriate packing material is a big concern with clothing. Leaving on the dry-cleaners plastic wrap will leave yellow stains on clothes that are stored for a long duration. Expensive items like fur coats and jackets should be put in wardrobe boxes, while other less delicate materials should be wrapped in acid-free tissue papers and set in plastic storage containers.

Always place heavier clothing at the bottom and hang the clothes that crease easily.

3. Add Insect Repellents for Pest Control In Your Storage Unit

Insects like moths chew holes in clothes. While many people use moth balls, experts suggest against their usage because moth balls don’t repel insects; instead they only kill them once they have entered the storage boxes. The best way to repel these creepy crawlers is to use Lavender or All-Natural Cedar.

4. Opt for Temperature Control

Even if you have to pay extra to get temperature controlled storage units, do so. Extreme temperatures can cause damage to expensive leather, fur or other sensitive clothing. Depending on the duration of storage and the location, climate control may be a mandatory requirement.

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