Packing Up and Storing Your Christmas Decorations

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Christmas has come and gone, but you may still have some decorations lingering around or maybe you just haven’t had the heart to take down the tree yet. The Christmas spirit lives within all of us and it can be difficult to say goodbye for almost 350 days of the year.

When it comes to storing your Christmas tree and decorations, you need to do it properly, so that your items are ready to go next year. While it would be nice to take some plastic stretch wrap and wrap the whole tree, decorations and all, this is not a feasible way to do it.

Below, we will go over some different storage tips and hacks to help you put those decorations and tree away once and for all.

  1. Don’t Toss the Box

While it may be easy to toss out the boxes for your ornaments, try not to. Keeping them will allow you to place the oddly-shaped ornaments back into their respective boxes and prevent damage. If you do not have the original boxes, you can wrap the ornaments in plastic wrap and then place them in a baggie.

In addition, if you have round ornament balls that need to be stored, you may want to invest in an ornament storage bag, which will allow you to keep the ornaments together and prevent them from breaking.

  1. Wrap the Lights Properly

When it comes to storing your Christmas lights, you need to make sure that you do not simply crumple them up and throw them into a box. You should wrap the lights around a light holder or use your hand to wrap them into a neat circle and then use a twisty tie to secure the string together.

  1. Clean the Tree First

Before you store your Christmas tree, make sure to wipe it down and clean it off before you place it in storage. You have two different options when it comes to storing your tree. First, you could place the tree bag in its original box and packing. Secondly, you could take the tree and place it into a Christmas tree storage bag. The storage bag tends to be more durable and it provides protection for the tree’s branches.

If you are ready to finally take down your Christmas tree and decorations, use the storage tips and tricks above to help you prepare an store your decorations correctly.

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