Make the Most of the Space in Your RV: Storage Places You May Have Missed

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Your RV is your little getaway from the real world. From exploring new areas to heading out to the woods to camp and enjoy your time without the hustle and bustle of the city around you, you have probably packed your RV over and over again. With that said, you may find yourself constantly looking for ways to store all the items you need to take with you without feeling like you are cramped in the space that you do have. Fortunately, there are many different places to store your items and some of them may even be places you have missed. Check out these awesome additional storage places for you to use.

The Ceiling

Ah-ha! Bet you didn’t think about that one. Depending on the exact type of RV you have, you may be able to place some adhesive hooks or screw in some small eye hooks into the ceiling of your RV. Here, you can store some items that often take up a lot of room such as a mop or a broom. You can even store other items that are long such as fishing poles and any other utility items you need to bring with you.

If you do not have any large utility items to store, you can utilize those hooks to hang some tiered baskets. Here, you can store whatever you like from fresh fruits to vegetables and whatever else you want.

Inside of Doors

The inside of the doors in your RV including the cabinet doors are a great place for you to store some of the extra items that you may have laying around. Insides of cabinet doors and insides of interior doors are often bare, but they have the potential to be used for storage. For example, you can add small baskets to the sink cabinet doors to hold some of your extra supplies such as sponges, dish soap, and even plastic utensils. The interior door backs can be used to store flip flops, sunscreen, and additional items that you cannot fit in traditional storage areas.

Under the Table

The table is often one of the places that takes up a lot of room and offers minimal storage for you to use. If you install some small sliding drawers under the main area of the table, you will create some additional storage room for yourself. While the sliding drawers may not hold a lot of items, they will hold a lot of the smaller items that usually cause the counter to look disorganized such as ketchup packets, additional pens, playing cards, pencils, and even the remote control.

The Mattress

Often times, you can lift up the mattress in your RV and there is a platform space there that is just taking up space to put it quite frankly. Adding shelving and storage into the platform area will allow you to store items under the mattress and the items will be kept neat and organized for you. When you want to access the items, simply lift up the mattress and there they are.

Your RV is not packed with storage places, but you can utilize some of the space you already have to store your items – you just need to take a look around and think outside of the box.

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