Keep Your Mini Me Safe: Babyproofing Tips for Your Home

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Your little one will copy and imitate everything you do, so as you open the bottom cabinets, they will too. The items that you keep under your cabinet can be very dangerous and you do not want those little hands on them. Since you are an adult, it is hard to think about what it is that could become a serious hazard in the home outside of the most common items that we all know are dangerous. Protecting your little one in your home means that you need to plan and babyproof. Check out some of the tips below to help you.

Secure All of Your Cabinets

As we mentioned above, cabinets are easiest for children to access, especially the bottom ones, and cabinets hold some of the most dangerous things in them from knives to glass to chemicals and prescription medications. You should take some time to secure your cabinets to prevent your little one from being able to open them up. There are many different latch options for you to purchase and each one has its benefits. Simply spend some time trying out different ones to find one that works for your home.

Lock the Doors and Windows – Consider Alarms

Wandering toddlers are curious and if you have an unlocked window or door, you may have an escape artist on your hands. It is important for you to lock both the windows and doors for your child’s protection and your peace of mind. Since many toddlers do not understand traffic safety and stranger danger, it is vital that they do not go outside alone. One of the best ways to help alert you if your child does get the window or door open is to utilize alarms. These alarms are loud and continue to beep until the window or door is shut.

Anchor ALL of Your Heavy Furniture

There is nothing more dangerous than a large piece of furniture that is NOT anchored to the wall. While you may think that your little one is not large enough to tip over a dresser, they are. Simply standing on the drawers of the dresser can cause weight displacement, which can cause the dresser to tip over onto your child. By anchoring the furniture to the wall, you never have to worry about this. Of course, you should encourage your children NOT to climb on the furniture.

Cover the Plugs

For some reason, children love electrical outlets and they love to put things into the electrical outlets. When this happens, your child can electrocute themselves and may even get burned in the process. You should cover ALL electrical socket outlets with a protective cover that your child cannot remove. These protective covers block access to the plus, which prevents any electrocution from it.

Keep Your Child Safe at Home

Home is supposed to be one of the safest places for children but that is not always the case, especially when the home is not babyproofed. Take some time to babyproof your home and you will find that you are at ease and your child is safe, no matter where they are playing.

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