How to Properly Store Your Pool Equipment and Toys

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As the weather begins to cool off, you are probably thinking about packing up and putting your pool toys and equipment in storage. If you plan to take these items out next summer, you want to make sure that you are storing them correctly. Below, we will go over some tips to help you keep your pool equipment and toys protected.

  1. Clean Your Pool Equipment

Before you place your pool equipment into storage, you want to take some time to clean them. If you do not clean the equipment, the items may become damaged and need to be replaced when you fish them out of the storage unit.

When you clean the items, make sure that you are cleaning the chlorine and other pool chemicals off of the items. After the pool equipment is cleaned, set it out in the sun to dry to prevent rust from forming on the metal pieces.

  1. Place on Shelves or Hang on Racks

When you are storing pool floating devices, noodles, and rafts, you want to make sure that you place them on a shelf or on a rack. Throwing these items into your storage unit may mean that the items become damaged.

You can pick up a shelving unit at your local hardware or home improvement store and then place it into your storage unit.

  1. Keep the Rafts Dry

If you plan to store rafts in your storage unit, make sure you allow them to dry fully before you place them into your unit. If you do not, you may find that the raft becomes moldy or has mildew on it. You should check each crevice in the raft to make sure all water is dried up.

  1. Place Small Items in a Plastic Container

Place all of your smaller pool toys in a large plastic tote with a locking lid. The tote will keep the toys safe and organized, so you are not tripping over them. Again, you need to clean these items to remove any pool chemicals and ensure each toy is dry before you store it.

As you store your pool equipment and toys, you will find that it is easier when you place all of the items in a designated section. That way, when you want to access them, you can. To ensure your pool equipment is not damaged, store each piece upright.

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