How to Maintain Your Storage Unit for Every Season

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Storage units are the perfect solution to help keep your home free from clutter or keep your business more organized. With various sizes, rates, and short and long-term leases, there is a unit for everybody. However, when you lease a storage unit, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is maintained properly. While the company you lease from might provide security coverage and maintain common areas, how tidy and clean your unit’s interior is will be down to you. If you feel that it’s time to give your storage unit some attention, here are some tips on how you can maintain it for every season.

Create an Inventory

Whether your items in the storage unit are personal or for business, it’s a good idea to have an inventory of everything you have in there. This will help you keep track of your belongings and whether or not they can stay there or need to be thrown away. You might want to keep a copy of this inventory at home, but having one left in your storage unit as well as a good idea so you can check it each time you visit.

Use Boxes and Shelving Units

Some storage units might come with shelving units already in there, but if yours doesn’t, you may want to consider getting some. This will help you keep the floor space clear in your unit and put your items away safely. Having labeled boxes placed on your shelves will also be useful as you won’t have to waste time going through them to find what you need. If you are storing any important documents or paperwork in your storage unit, think about getting a filing cabinet for these, as it might be easier to manage than a pile of cardboard boxes.

Make Sure Your Items are Cleaned Before Going into Storage

Another handy tip to create the best environment in your storage unit is to make sure that your items are cleaned before they go in. Dirt and dust will build up over time, but if items are dirty already, this will add to the problem and make a tougher job for you later on. You might also want to think about using dustcovers to stop items from getting dirty while they are in storage.

Wipe Surfaces and Sweep Floors

You don’t have to do this every time you visit your storage unit, but wiping things down and giving the floors a sweep every month or two will help to keep the place much cleaner and hygienic to be in. If you have noticed any spills or the floor seems dirty, consider getting a mop and bucket too. You could bring one with you or keep some cleaning products in your unit to use as and when you need to.

Consider Climate Control

If you have belongings that will need to be kept at a certain temperature to maintain their quality, then you should look into leasing a climate-controlled unit. This can be more expensive, but it is worth it if you have items that require this, as it will give you better peace of mind. Otherwise, your belongings will deteriorate and perhaps develop mold, which can be unhealthy for you to breathe in, and will likely spread to other items in your unit. If you have chosen not to lease a climate-controlled unit, you will have to be mindful about what you store in there, such as batteries, electronics, certain liquids, etc., and how they will be affected by warmer weather in the summer and cooler temperatures in the fall and winter.

A Quality Lock

There should be surveillance on-site where your storage unit is located, but you should make sure that your unit has a quality lock to be on the safe side. This will leave your unit less vulnerable to theft or vandalism. You may also want to limit who has access to your storage unit, only providing keys to the locks to certain family members or colleagues if you are using it for business purposes. You could even put-up security cameras inside your storage unit if you want to take extra precautions.

Improve Insulation

If you don’t have a climate-controlled unit, you may want to think about improving the insulation in yours. While it still might not be ideal for certain items, it can help to keep the cold temperatures at bay in the heart of winter. Placing wooden pallets under items can help reduce dampness rising from the ground, and basic insulation materials hung on the walls and ceiling can reduce the cool air from penetrating your unit, too. It might help keep your belongings from freezing and make it a little warmer for you when you’re spending time in your unit.

Let Fresh Air Circulate

Another great way to make sure that your storage unit is kept in good condition is by letting in some fresh air each time you visit. The unit is locked up anytime you are not there, and this can allow musty smells to build up over time. Fresh air can help clear your unit of that smell and air out your belongings, which can help them to stay in better shape for longer. This is even more essential if you have noticed mold developing in your unit, as these spores can make you ill. If there is mold, remove the affected items and treat them with mold removal sprays immediately.

If you want to keep your belongings safe and intact in your storage unit, you will need to make an effort to maintain them. Not only this, but if your unit is damaged or left in a bad state, you risk losing your deposit when your lease is up. To make sure that your storage unit is in good condition throughout the seasons, use the tips above to help you maintain it properly. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but all of these steps are important and worth the effort so you can have peace of mind that your belongings are protected, and your unit is clean.

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