How to Get Rid of Clutter – Save Space & Reduce Clutter

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Do you struggle to reduce clutter in your home? Would you like to find out how to get rid of clutter quickly and effectively? If yes, you have come to the right place. Discover below how to embrace a more minimalist approach to your belongings, how to throw things away that you no longer need or use, and how to use self-storage units to your advantage.

We promise that by the time you have finished reading the below guide to getting rid of clutter, you will be able to give Marie Kondo a run for her money.

  1. Be consistent

Rather than wait until you have an overwhelming amount of clutter in your home, which can be scary for even the most seasoned declutterer, try to set aside time once a month, or more frequently if you can, to sort through your belongings and determine the items you no longer use or need.
It can also be a great idea to try and find 10 minutes or so each day to have a mini decluttering session. You can even set a timer so that you don’t end up wasting half a day tidying up when you only had half an hour spare.

  1. Make a plan

Creating a decluttering plan helps make the job at hand a lot easier, and it can also help to keep you motivated if your drive starts to wane. Within your plan, you need to note everything that you want to achieve when it comes to decluttering your home, as well as any potential roadblocks that may stand in your way.

You may also want to detail in your plan how you are going to reduce clutter in your home. For example, will you declutter room by room, or would you prefer to declutter by categories of items?

  1. Be ruthless

This is a crucial decluttering step but the one that people struggle with the most. However, if you want to learn how to get rid of clutter effectively, you need to be able to get rid of old stuff that no longer serves a purpose in your home.

Be warned you may experience some resistance from your family members, but you need to stay strong and explain to them that it is time to get rid of items they no longer need.

  1. Consider self-storage

If you are struggling to reduce clutter in your home because you have lots of belongings that you don’t want to throw out but that you also don’t have room for, then local storage units are the perfect solution.

For example, maybe you have a sentimental piece or two, such as your wedding dress or your children’s graduation robes, that you definitely do not want to get rid of but don’t have space for in your home. Why not choose to put it into a local storage facility? With options all over the United States, if you live in San Diego, you can find a self-storage unit there, the same as you can in any other popular city.

You can even find climate-controlled self-storage units that are ideal for items that may become damaged in either the heat or cold.

  1. Donate unwanted items

If you do not like the idea of throwing away perfectly good things in your home, then you may want to donate items to your local charity store or give them away to family and friends.

Not only will this make you feel good about helping others, but it will also make the process of decluttering a lot easier as you know that someone else will be able to get enjoyment from your treasured possessions.

  1. Focus on high traffic areas

If the thought of decluttering your entire home brings you out in a cold sweat, then you may want to just focus on the areas within your home that have the most impact, such as the kitchen and hallway. You may find once you see the results of your decluttering on these high traffic areas, that you will find the motivation to continue throughout your home.

  1. Do not become distracted

Once you have decided to reduce clutter in your home, do not allow yourself to become distracted by other household cleaning tasks such as putting on a load of washing or dusting. If you want to declutter your home fast, you need to remain focused at all times and be strong when it comes to anything that tries to sidetrack your efforts.

One top tip is to carry a cardboard box from room to room with you so that you can easily collect items that belong elsewhere without having to trek from one room to another over and over again.

  1. Ask for help

If decluttering your whole home by yourself seems too big a job, don’t be afraid to ask family members to help you. After all, they contributed to the clutter, so it only seems fair that they should help to get rid of it.

If you experience any difficulties motivating your family to help you, why not try to make it seem a bit more fun? Pop on some music and promise everyone a takeout once you have finished.

  1. Remove stuff from your home

This may seem obvious but when you find an item that you no longer need or want, get it out of your house as soon as possible. This is especially important for larger items.

Whether you choose to donate, throw them away, or place them into storage in Austin, the quicker you get them out of your home, the better, as otherwise you run the risk of them simply being moved to another area of your home.

Quick fix decluttering tips:

• Gather clutter quickly using your laundry basket
• Use dividers to organize chaotic drawers
• Simplify open storage space
• Stash art and office supplies in a moveable caddy
• Create a charging station near an outlet in an accessible area
• Place hooks on the backsides of closet and cabinet doors for added storage space
• Store away unused kitchen gadgets
• Invest in a shoe rack

Whether you want to store items temporarily while you decide if you want to keep them or not, or you need a long-term storage solution for treasured items, such as your wedding dress, offers the largest database of storage facilities in the United States. Find you nearest facility with us today.

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