Have a Furry Companion? Best Cities to Live in with Dogs

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Man’s best friend. You can’t live without them and they bring a ton of joy to your life. Dogs love unconditionally and they can make you smile, even when you are in the worst mood possible. Living in a city that is dog friendly is crucial for anyone who has a dog in their life. Below, we will go over the BEST cities to live in if you have a dog.

Seattle in Washington

Seattle is a great location for any dog lover. You and your pup can experience the different seasons over the course of the year, and you will find that the city is packed with dog parks on almost every corner. Never again will you need to worry about where to throw a ball or where to take your dog on a walk. With so many dog-friendly parks, there is no wonder why this city made the top of the list.

Austin in Texas

Austin is a wonderful place for a human and their best friend. Not only will you be able to get great snapshots of the two of you, you will find that there are tons of things for you to do. You can enjoy a walk along the beach or downtown. There are many places to eat too and you will find that many of the restaurants allow you to bring your dog with you to dine on the patio.

Boston in Massachusetts

Boston is another excellent choice for any dog and their partner human in crime. One of the unique things about Boston is that there is a local thing where owners can take their dogs with them to the local bars to grab a cold pint to guzzle down. Another unique thing is that dogs are allowed to go on local transportation too. You will find that you can take your furry friend with you just about everywhere.

Tucson in Arizona

Tucson provides a nice and summery climate for you and your dog and this is one of the reasons why it is on our list. You will find that the sun shines a lot, which means you and your dog can get out and go for a walk or catch a ball. There are tons of parks and trails to visit, which also means that you can catch a glimpse at wildlife all while with your best four-legged friend.

Chicago in Illinois

Chicago is one of the most dog friendly cities around and there is almost no downside to choosing this city to live in if you have a dog. One of the unique things about Chicago is that local restaurants often leave out little goodies for dogs and your pup can feast on those goodies. When the weather is nice, you and your pup can head out to the beach and catch some sun and waves together.

You and Your Pup Will Fit in Nicely

You and your pup will fit in nicely in any of the cities listed above. All of them are perfect for individuals who love dogs or have a furry best friend already. You will find that the cities above cater to dogs and their humans!

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