Don’t Ruin Your Collection: Tips for Storing Comic Books

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If you are an avid comic book reader, you probably have quite a few collectibles sitting on your shelf. There may be a point in time when you need to place these comics into a storage unit while you move or run out of space to store them in your home. If you do not store your comic books correctly, you may find your comics as damaged pieces that cannot be replaced and they may suffer a huge decrease in value.

Before you throw all comic books into a box and seal it up, consider the following tips to help you properly store them and prevent damage.

1. Clean Your Hands Thoroughly

Before you begin handling your comic books, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse them well. If your hands have any grease or oil on them, the pages and colors in the books will be ruined.

2. Avoid the Spine of the Book

When you are picking up your comic books, avoid grabbing them by the spine of the book. When you grab the spine, you place unnecessary stress on it, which leads to wear and tear.

3. Get a Back Support

Before storing your comic books, purchase some backing boards for them. This is a sturdy piece of cardboard-like material that will help your comic books keep their shape and prevent spine damage as well.

4. Mylar Sleeves Are a Necessity

Once you have the backing boards placed, you want to take the comic books and insert each one into a Mylar sleeve. These sleeves will protect the cover of the book and each page from damage and yellowing.

5. Place Them in a Box

When choosing a box for your comic books, choose one that is acid-free and large enough to hold your collection. Typically, archival boxes are good for long-term storage and provide an extra layer of protection for your comics.

6. Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit

Your comics need to be in a climate-controlled unit. The unit’s temperature should hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly lower. Make sure that humidity is not a problem in the unit and keep the boxes stored on a shelf off the ground to protect them in case flooding occurs.

When storing your comics, it is important that you handle them with care and place them in an environment that will not cause deterioration. Doing so will help preserve their value.

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