Do You Love Food? Best Cities for Foodies and What’s on the Menu

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Food. Who doesn’t love it? If you are a foodie and looking to either live somewhere where food is a central theme or you simply want to visit a city that appreciates its food, we have the list for you. Below, you will find a good list of the best cities for foodies and what you can expect to eat on the menu. You surely will NOT be disappointed!

Oakland, California

While Oakland may not be one of the first cities to pop into your head when you think food, it is one city that does love its food. The reason Oakland tops this list is because the city is known for offering some of the most diverse food options and they even have a farm to table scene. There is a ton to feast on while here but some of the local favorites include Mexican food with a Californian twist, French dishes, and sushi.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You have probably heard that Philly is known for its Philly cheesesteaks and this is no lie. There are not too many places, if any, that can top a traditional cheesesteak like this city can. While visiting Philly, it is necessary that you have a delicious cheesesteak, but you can also enjoy some additional food fare such as Dutch dishes, perfectly fried French fries, and cheese sauce.

Denver, Colorado

If you are a true food, Denver, Colorado is the perfect spot for you. One of the reasons this city made the list is because the local city is starting to see a lot of pop up craft spirit restaurants, which are a nice and diverse option for those in the city. The city is known for taking it to the limits with its food and while here, you can feast on oysters, deep fried foods, and many of the local favorites.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is best known for its deep dish pizza and if you have never had one, boy are you missing out. Many foodies head to Chicago JUST for the deep dish pizza. Once you have eaten some of the pizza, you will have to try out many of the other well known options from street vendors. You can dive into a bag of caramel and cheddar popcorn, have Chicago style hot dog, or even fill your mouth with some Vietnamese. The options are almost endless in the windy city.

Charleston, South Carolina

When you hear the word South, you think of barbecue and deep fried food, but South Carolina is more than just that. In fact, the city is known for offering food with the best spices and flavor. Some of their top rated food includes seafood, which will melt in your mouth and knock your socks off. While in Charleston, you need to do yourself the favor and enjoy some crab cakes, shrimp and grits, oysters, and more – you will thank us later.

We See Your Mouth Watering

As you wipe the drool away from your mouth, get yourself ready to head out to one of these foodie cities to see what they have to offer you. We are confident that you will love every bite you take.

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