5 Misconceptions About Storage Units

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People around the world use storage units to help make more space in their living environment, as a way to help manage their business, and even as a home for their belongings until they can find something more permanent or when they return from traveling. They can be the perfect storage solution for all of these circumstances and more, which is why they have always been popular choices. There are also different types of units you can lease, making it even easier to protect your items when they are in storage.

Yes, storage units are brilliant for many reasons, but there are also a few misconceptions that people have about them that can result in putting people off of using storage units or thinking that they can use these units for things that they actually can’t. Below are some examples of these common misconceptions so that you can be aware of them the next time you need to find a storage solution.

  1. You Can Store Anything in There

While you can store most things in storage units, some items are not allowed in your unit. Each storage facility will have its set of regulations and rules to follow, and they might vary slightly from another facility. However, you can expect it to be roughly the same in each place, and items such as combustibles (gas, oil, matches, fireworks, etc.), weapons, and perishable food items will not be permitted. It is also illegal for you to keep animals in your storage unit or use your unit as a personal living space, as this goes against their health and safety regulations and insurance policies.

  1. Units Are Only Useful for People Moving House/With a Small Home

A lot of people may assume that the only reason you would bother leasing a storage unit is if you are in the process of moving house or have a small home with limited storage space built-in. As mentioned previously, storage units can have many purposes and be a suitable storage solution for a variety of circumstances. You can use it if you are a business owner and would like to organize your office space more efficiently by eliminating the non-essential items and placing them in one of these units. Or perhaps you can use these units as a place to store your stock and products until they are sold.
You can also use a storage unit if you want to go traveling and plan to lease your home or want to have your items waiting for you when you return. Some people even choose to use a storage unit for their hobbies. For example, storing arts and crafts materials in there and using the unit as a quiet spot to enjoy these past-times. Others use climate-controlled units to store fine wines, artwork, or antiques that they collect. While there are some restrictions on what you can use your storage unit for, they are much more versatile than people might initially think.

  1. A Lack of Security

While some storage facilities will be better than others, they will all come with security measures in place. There will be CCTV onsite, and whether the facility has outdoor or indoor units, they will usually have security fences and gated entry to the site. You will need to get a quality lock for your storage unit, and many people choose to use disc locks because they are reliable. You might also want to make an inventory of what you have in your unit to help keep track of your belongings just in case any do go missing. Although there might be some risk associated with leaving your belongings in a unit, the reality is that security is not an issue in most circumstances unless you leave your unit unlocked.

  1. They Are Expensive

What you consider to be expensive will depend on your financial circumstances and budgets, but generally speaking, leasing a storage unit is not expensive. While the size and type of storage unit you choose will impact the price, the majority of facilities will offer very affordable rates and flexible contracts, which means that you are not tied into a lease for longer than you need to be. All facilities will vary in price, and if you want to find the best rates, it’s worth using some search and comparison websites to see where the most affordable units are in your area.

  1. The Units Are Dirty

You might have seen on films or television storage units that appear dirty and cluttered, but the truth is that your unit will be as tidy and clean as you make it. The management team at your facility will take care of the maintenance work for the site as a whole, but when you lease your unit, it’s up to you to make sure it doesn’t get dirty. A good way to do this is by making sure that your items have been cleaned before you place them into storage, and using dust covers and sealed boxes can help to keep them cleaner for longer. You might also want to think about sweeping, mopping, and wiping down surfaces every few months or when you come to see your unit to keep grime at bay. You might see some units that don’t look as though they have been taken care of when you are looking, but any quality storage facility can offer cleanliness throughout the site, including the units.

There are a few misconceptions about self-storage units, and these ideas can often put people off from using one. However, they can provide a perfect solution for your lack of storage space at home, business, or for any other reason why you might need to store your belongings at another location. If you have been worried about any of the above misconceptions, you can have peace of mind that these problems aren’t something you need to worry about and start looking for the ideal storage unit that you can use.

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