4 Supplies EVERY Garage Should Have and How to Keep Them Organized

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Your garage is your domain and it houses many items that you do not want to keep in your home or cannot keep in your home. There are some essential items that all garages need to have and if yours is lacking these supplies, you may find yourself running to the store when you least expect it. Even though you should have these supplies in your garage, that does not mean that you should forego organization. Below, we will go over what essentials to keep in your garage and how to keep them organized.

  1. Tools

Every garage needs to have an arsenal of tools ready to go when needed. If you are unsure of what tools to have on hand, you need to make sure you have a good variety that will cover all types of issues that may arise. For example, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, nails, screws, ratchets, and similar.

To help you keep your tools organized, you can opt in for a magnetic tool tray or you can hang a peg board in your garage and attach all of your tools to the board. This will allow you to access the tools when you need them and they will be organized and off the ground as well.

  1. Gardening Tools and Supplies

Whether or not you plan to plant roses in your yard or not, you need to have some of the basic gardening tools ready available in your garage. Most homeowners have a shovel, garden shears, rake, trowel, and more. You may even keep other gardening items in your garage such as plant pots, seeds, and soil.

To help you keep these items organized, purchase a large tote or box to place them in. You can keep the soil on an empty shelf along with the pots and seeds. If you have a peg board with tools attached to it, you can also add the gardening tools to the peg board as well.

  1. Seasonal Equipment

You likely have equipment that is seasonal and not used on a regular basis. This type of equipment includes things such as snow blowers, lawn mowers, and the like. To properly store these items, you should place them upright in your garage and designate a section to those supplies. You may want to consider hanging rakes and brooms to free up space.

  1. Supplies for an Emergency

It is important that you always have emergency supplies on hand in the event an emergency does occur. Some of the supplies you should keep in your garage include canned foods and water. To keep these items organized, you should place them on shelving within your garage and keep them off of the floor to prevent damage to the packaging.

If you have any of these essentials in your garage, keep them organized is not hard, but it does take some work to get them organized in the first place. If you are missing any of these essentials, take some time to go pick them up and start organizing your garage now.

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