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CubeSmart Self Storage - NY Brooklyn 3rd Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11215 2.8 miles away

Extra Space Storage - 3761 - Long Island City - Northern Blvd

Long Island City, NY 11101 4.6 miles away

Extra Space Storage - 0727 - Brooklyn - 64th St

Brooklyn, NY 11220 5.1 miles away

Prime Storage - Brooklyn - Rockaway Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11236 6.7 miles away

GoodFriend Self-Storage - Upper East Side - 124th St

New York, NY 10035 7.2 miles away
Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage, Drive Up Access

Extra Space Storage - 1804 - Brooklyn - Georgia Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11207 7.4 miles away

Public Storage - Staten Island - 1107 Goethals Road North

Staten Island, NY 10303 10.7 miles away
Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage, Drive Up Access, Roll Up Door

Extra Space Storage - 0639 - Englewood - Grand Ave

Englewood, NJ 07631 11.4 miles away

Life Storage - 3283 - Elizabeth - Allen St

Elizabeth, NJ 07202 11.9 miles away

Public Storage - Hillside - 625 Glenwood Ave

Hillside, NJ 07205 12.5 miles away
Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage, Drive Up Access, Roll Up Door

Safeguard Self Storage - Bronx - Wakefield

Bronx, NY 10466 14.8 miles away
1st Floor, Alarm, Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage, Climate Controlled, Outdoor Access

Extra Space Storage - 7889 - Rahway - Elizabeth Ave

Rahway, NJ 07065 15.2 miles away

Boat Storage Prices in New York, NY

New York, NY has 87 storage facilities that have boat storage units to store items like an boat, wave runner, jet ski or trailer. These storage units or parking spaces are larger than your standard size storage unit in New York, NY. Some of the units or parking spaces go as large as 50'. The units vary in price typically by size, location, inventory and amenities.

Average Price of Boat Self Storage in New York, NY

Average Price
Best Price
8' x 20'

Top 5 Cheapest 10' x 20' New York Boat Storage Units

The data for these storage unit prices are from a 15 mile radius. These top cities are included in the radius used in the calculation: Long Island City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Belleville and Elizabeth.
Frequently asked questions
  • What is the price for storing my boat in New York NY?
    To determine the expense of storing a boat, you must consider multiple factors such as boat size, storage preference (indoor, outdoor, covered, etc.), facility location in New York NY, and storage duration. The average cost of boat storage in New York NY typically ranges from $100 to $450 per month. For an accurate estimation of your boat storage needs, visit to book a risk-free, no obligation reservation today!
  • What security measures are implemented to protect boats in storage in New York NY?
    Boat storage facilities in New York NY generally incorporate typical security measures such as surveillance cameras, secure fencing, gated entry with personalized codes, security personnel, and alarms. Certain facilities may provide extra security features such as on-site management, motion sensors, or access control systems. For more details about security measures implemented by a specific storage facility in New York NY, visit
  • Is it possible to access my boat at all times or are there restricted hours in New York NY storage?
    In New York NY, many boat storage facilities offer 24/7 access to stored boats, although there may be some facilities that have specific office hours or access policies. To learn about the operating hours and access policies of a particular facility, you can visit and review their information on hours of operation.
  • What are my boat storage options in New York NY?
    If you're looking for boat storage in New York NY, you'll find a variety of options, including covered storage such as enclosed units or covered parking spaces, as well as open-air parking spots. When conducting your online search on in New York NY, you'll be able to see the amenities of the storage options.
  • Is boat insurance necessary when storing a boat in New York NY?
    It's highly advisable to retain insurance coverage on your boat while it's in storage in New York NY. Although certain storage facilities may provide insurance coverage for stored boats, it's crucial to review the policy thoroughly to guarantee sufficient coverage. Additionally, several storage facilities in New York NY may demand proof of insurance. To obtain more information about a specific facility's insurance requirements, visit
  • What are the methods to locate inexpensive boat storage in New York NY?
    If you're searching for affordable boat storage options in New York NY, one method is to explore This website allows you to search and find a variety of storage facilities that provide different types of boat storage options such as indoor, outdoor, and covered spaces. You can compare prices and features of various facilities to find the most suitable one for your needs and budget.
  • Does storing my boat outside in New York NY cause any harm?
    Storing a boat outside in New York NY may cause some harm over time due to exposure to the elements, such as sunlight, rain, wind, and humidity. Overexposure to sunlight can cause damage to the boat's gel coat, while exposure to rain and humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth. However, proper boat covers or tarps can help to protect the boat from some of these elements in New York NY. It's also recommended to choose a storage facility that provides covered or enclosed storage options to further protect the boat from the elements.

Boat Storage in New York, NY: Keep Your Investment Safe and Secure Near Me

Owning a boat is a fantastic experience, but when you are not using it, it is essential to find suitable and secure storage. New York, NY, is a bustling city, but there are still plenty of options for boat owners looking for safe, convenient, and affordable storage. In this article, we'll explore some of the best boat storage options in New York, NY, to help you keep your investment protected and accessible.

Indoor Storage: Perfect for Winter Months

Indoor storage is an excellent option for boaters looking for added protection from the elements. The winter months in New York, NY, can be brutal, with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Indoor storage provides year-round protection from the harsh elements, keeping your watercraft clean, dry, and secure. Some indoor storage options in New York, NY, also offer climate-controlled environments to keep your boat in perfect condition.

Outdoor Storage: Perfect for Summer Months

When the temperatures soar in New York, NY, and the waterways beckon, outdoor boat storage becomes the preferred choice for many boat owners. Outdoor storage facilities offer ample space to park your vessel in a secure and safe environment. These facilities are often equipped with security cameras and may include fenced storage and on-site management to ensure your boat stays protected.

Covered Storage: A Good Option Year-Round

Covered boat storage combines the best of indoor and outdoor storage. It provides protection from the elements during the winter months and shade during the summer months. Covered storage is a popular option in New York, NY, for boaters looking for an affordable storage option that keeps their boat within easy reach.

Secure Storage: Keep Your Boat Safe

Security is a top priority when it comes to boat storage. The safety of your boat and its contents is critical, and choosing a facility with adequate security measures is essential. Many boat storage facilities in New York, NY, include 24/7 access control, video surveillance, and on-site management to keep your vessel safe from vandalism, theft, and other incidents.

Affordable Storage: Don't Break The Bank

Boat storage can be costly, but there are affordable options available in New York, NY. Before settling on a storage facility, it is essential to explore all available options to find the best price, location, and features.

Boating Amenities: Lauching, Docking, and More

Some boat storage facilities in New York, NY, offer additional amenities to their customers, such as boat launch ramps or docks. This can make it incredibly convenient for boat owners to get out on the water quickly or to service their vessels.

Long and Short-term Storage

Whether you need storage for the winter months or just need a place to stash your boat for a short period, there are plenty of options for long and short-term storage in New York, NY.

The City of New York, NY: A Boater's Paradise

New York, NY, is much more than just the city that never sleeps. The city is a boater's paradise, surrounded by waterways that offer endless opportunities for adventure. The Hudson River, East River, and Long Island Sound all provide excellent boating opportunities. Whether you're looking to explore the city from a unique perspective or want to take your watercraft out for some peaceful solitude, New York, NY, has it all.

Find the Perfect Boat Storage Near You

Finding the perfect boat storage facility in New York, NY, can seem overwhelming, but with a little research, you can find affordable, safe, and secure storage options to protect your investment. Consider your unique needs, such as location, indoor or outdoor storage, covered storage, and boat amenities. With so many options available, you're sure to find the ideal boat storage facility near you.