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Huntington Park Self Storage

Huntington Park, CA 90255 0.5 miles away

Public Storage - Huntington Park - 6911 S Alameda St

Huntington Park, CA 90001 0.7 miles away
Climate Controlled, Interior, Roll Up Door

Extra Space Storage - 7971 - Huntington Park - Nadeau St

Huntington Park, CA 90255 1.1 miles away
Climate Controlled, Interior, Upstairs (Access via Elevator)

Extra Space Storage - 4119 - Huntington Park - Maywood Ave

Huntington Park, CA 90255 1.3 miles away
Climate Controlled, Interior, Upstairs (Access via Elevator)

Extra Space Storage - 7638 - Los Angeles - Long Beach Ave

Vernon, CA 90058 1.8 miles away
Climate Controlled, Interior, Upstairs (Access via Elevator)

Life Storage - 3409 - Los Angeles - 700 E Slauson Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90011 2.2 miles away
Interior, Upstairs (Access via Elevator)

Public Storage - South Gate - 5005 Firestone Place

South Gate, CA 90280 3.3 miles away
Drive Up Access, Roll Up Door

Extra Space Storage - 4138 - Los Angeles - Broadway Pl

Los Angeles, CA 90037 3.6 miles away
Climate Controlled, Interior, Upstairs (Access via Elevator)

Public Storage - Los Angeles - 1702 S San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015 3.7 miles away
Interior, Swing Door

Extra Space Storage - 6163 - Los Angeles - 2515 S Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90007 4 miles away
Climate Controlled, Interior, Upstairs (Access via Elevator)

Extra Space Storage - 1562 - Los Angeles - Slauson Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90047 4.7 miles away
Interior, Upstairs (Access via Elevator)

Huntington Park Storage Unit Sizes

Huntington Park, CA has 543 storage facilities within 15 miles. With over 202 different size storage units which range from the smallest size at 3' x 4' to the largest size at 35'. The biggest two factors that make up the price difference of storage is the size of the unit and if the unit has climate control.

Average Storage Unit Prices in Huntington Park, CA

Average Price
Best Price
5' x 5'
5' x 10'
10' x 10'
10' x 15'
10' x 20'

Top 5 Cheapest 10' x 10' Huntington Park Storage Units

The data for these storage unit prices are from a 15 mile radius. These top cities are included in the radius used in the calculation: Huntington Park, Bell, South Gate, Los Angeles and Bell Gardens.

Storage units for Archived Files in Huntington Park

Every business generates paperwork, and you are finally going to find that you have too much to maintain in your office in Huntington Park. However, you can't just eliminate your files, because you might need them again in the future. A Huntington Park storage unit is exactly what you need. We can help you to find the perfect unit for maintaining your archived files safe and secure. You'll have full access to your unit in Huntington Park, plus you can make certain you work with a centre that offers the security your business paperwork needs.

Military Storage in Huntington Park

Joining the military is one of the noblest things you can do. Unfortunately, you may have to move to a base far from your home. You are probably thinking what do you do with all your stuff when you have to move away from home? The solution is renting a storage unit in Huntington Park. Through our network of storage facilities, we can offer Storage unit solutions in Huntington Park. You can store the things that mean a lot to you in Huntington Park, ready for your return from service. Be sure to let the storage facility that you are part of the military, a lot of our self storage network will offer discounts for service members.
Frequently asked questions
  • What size Huntington Park, CA storage unit will I need for my belongings?
    As you start to think about unit size, keep in mind how you plan to use your unit. Will you need to move around inside? Will you be storing the items short-term or long-term? Will you have large pieces of furniture or just boxes? These things matter when it comes to space and size. You also want to make sure your unit is big enough to not only store your items but allow you to have a clear pathway to the back and front of the unit so that you can access all of your items. You can learn more by viewing our storage unit size guide. This guide will provide you with examples of what fits within each sized storage unit to give you a better idea of how big of a unit you may need.
  • What is the size and cost of a 5x10 storage unit in Huntington Park, CA?
    A 5x10 storage unit typically has a width of 5 feet and a length of 10 feet, resulting in a total of 50 square feet of storage space. The Huntington Park, CA unit is usually around 8 feet tall, providing ample space to store various items such as small furniture, boxes, and seasonal items. The cost of the storage unit will depend on the amenities offered and availability.
  • How big is a 10x10 self-storage unit in Huntington Park, CA and what is the cost?
    The 10x10 option is a moderate to larger unit size and is considered the standard size for storage. It is 10 feet by 10 feet of storage space totaling 100 square feet. It is a popular choice for many renters and can accommodate most needs. The average monthly cost to rent a 10x10 unit in Huntington Park, CA will vary based on the amenities of the storage unit and availability.
  • What is the price and size of a 10x20 storage unit in Huntington Park, CA?
    The price of a 10x20 storage unit in Huntington Park, CA can vary depending on the location and specific storage facility, but on average, it ranges from $150 to $300 per month. This size of the unit provides 200 square feet of storage space and can accommodate larger items like sofas, mattresses, appliances, and even small vehicles like motorcycles. In addition, a 10x20 unit in Huntington Park, CA can also fit the contents of a multi-bedroom house, making it a popular choice for those who are moving or downsizing their living space.
  • What does climate control mean for storage units in Huntington Park, CA?
    Climate control is a term used to describe a storage unit that keeps your belongings safe from the outside extreme temperatures by regulating the climate inside the unit. Climate-controlled units in Huntington Park, CA protect your items from mold, warping, discoloring, fading, and melting due to extreme heat and cold. Most Huntington Park, CA climate-controlled units will maintain a temperature of somewhere between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for your unit.
  • Do I need to have a reservation to rent a unit in Huntington Park, CA?
    It is always helpful and recommended that you book or reserve a Huntington Park, CA self-storage unit beforehand because pricing and availability are subject to change at any time. can help you price shop in the area for the most affordable units. gives you the ability to compare the prices and sizes of available units near you and you can reserve one conveniently online or by phone.
  • What is the height of the storage units in Huntington Park, CA?
    Most storage units come with a height of about eight feet. There are some self-storage units in Huntington Park, CA that may have different height sizes. For example, storage lockers have a ceiling height of around five feet, and units that hold vehicles and watercrafts come with ceilings that are higher than eight feet to be able to accommodate larger RVs and boats. If you are shopping for a Huntington Park, CA storage unit and need help choosing the right sized one visit or call our team today.
  • What does 24-hour access mean for storage units in Huntington Park, CA?
    24-hour access means that you can visit the Huntington Park, CA storage facility and access your storage unit any time of the day or night, even if the main office is closed.
  • Are storage unit lease agreements in Huntington Park, CA monthly?
    Storage unit lease agreements can vary in their duration, but many facilities in Huntington Park, CA offer monthly lease agreements. This means that you can rent a storage unit on a month-to-month basis, allowing for flexibility in terms of how long you need the unit for. However, some facilities may offer longer lease options such as quarterly, bi-annual or annual leases.
  • How wide are the doors on storage units in Huntington Park, CA?
    Storage units in Huntington Park, CA have two types of doors: swing and roll up. Swing doors open just like a traditional bedroom door, whereas roll-up doors open just like your garage door. Roll-up doors come with an opening width of about eight to ten feet.

Storage Units in Huntington Park, California: Your Solution for Safe and Affordable Storage

When it comes to finding the right storage unit for your needs, there are many factors to consider. Luckily, there are plenty of options for storage units in Huntington Park, California. These units provide convenience, safety, and affordability to residents and businesses alike. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of units available and the amenities that make them unique.

Indoor and Outdoor Storage Units: Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure

Whether you're in need of indoor or outdoor storage units, there are plenty of options in Huntington Park. Indoor units are perfect for storing items that need added protection, like heirlooms or electronic equipment. These units are often climate-controlled to prevent damage from humidity, temperature changes, or pests. Outdoor units, also known as drive-up units, are ideal for storing larger items like vehicles or furniture. They're easily accessible and offer plenty of space for loading and unloading.

Mini Storage and Self Storage: Choose the Size That Fits Your Needs

Another important factor to consider when choosing a storage unit is the size. Mini storage units are typically small in size and offer just enough space for a few boxes or items. Self storage units come in a variety of sizes to accommodate larger items like furniture, appliances or vehicles. By renting a storage unit in Huntington Park, you can choose the unit size that suits your specific storage needs.

Security: Keep Your Items Safe and Sound

Security is of utmost importance when it comes to storing your belongings. Reputable storage facilities offer 24-hour video surveillance to ensure your items are safe and secure. In addition, these units provide key-code access for added peace of mind. An added level of protection is provided through insurance options for your items.

Payment Options and First Month Free: Affordable and Convenient

When searching for the best storage unit near me, affordability is key. Many storage companies in Huntington Park offer competitive prices and flexible payment options, such as monthly or quarterly rental periods. Additionally, some facilities may offer the first month of storage for free.

Moving and Packing Supplies: Get Everything You Need on Site

When moving items into your storage unit, it's essential to have everything you need on hand. Many storage facilities in Huntington Park offer onsite packing supplies, such as boxes or tape, making it easier to pack items securely.

Huntington Park: A Bustling City with a Historic Past

Located in Los Angeles County, Huntington Park, California is a vibrant and bustling city with a rich history. Once the site of a large rancho, Huntington Park has grown into a thriving community with a diverse population, numerous businesses, and excellent schools. With easy access to the 710 and 110 freeways, Huntington Park provides excellent proximity to Los Angeles and many local attractions, making it a desirable place to live or work.

Whether you're in need of indoor or outdoor storage units in Huntington Park, California, there are plenty of reputable and affordable choices available. By taking advantage of the amenities and services offered by these facilities, you can ensure your items are safe, secure, and accessible whenever you need them.