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Imperial Self Storage

Imperial, MO 63052 5.4 miles away

Combs Mini Storage

Festus, MO 63028 6.4 miles away

Advantage Self-Storage - Columbia

Columbia, IL 62236 14.6 miles away
1st Floor, Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage, Interior

Shell Storage

Columbia, IL 62236 15.2 miles away
1st Floor, Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage, Outdoor Access

Gateway Storage - Columbia IL

Columbia, IL 62236 15.9 miles away

Extra Space Storage - 3284 - High Ridge - Jacqueline Lane

High Ridge, MO 63049 16.2 miles away

Public Storage - St Louis - 3850 Forder Road

St Louis, MO 63129 16.3 miles away
Vehicle Storage Only

Big River Boat and RV Storage - High Ridge

High Ridge, MO 63049 16.4 miles away

Life Storage - 3365 - Fenton - Highway Drive

Fenton, MO 63026 19.4 miles away

Public Storage - St Louis - 9722 Gravois Road

St Louis, MO 63123 19.8 miles away
Covered, Vehicle Storage Only

Life Storage - 3876 - St Louis - Watson Rd

St. Louis, MO 63127 19.9 miles away

Public Storage - St Louis - 9030 Watson Road

St Louis, MO 63126 20.2 miles away
Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage, Drive Up Access, Roll Up Door

Big River Boat & RV Storage - Eureka

Eureka, MO 63025 20.4 miles away

Car Storage Prices in Herculaneum, MO

Herculaneum, MO has 46 storage facilities that have indoor/outdoor vehicle storage units to store items like an car, truck, vehicle or trailer. These storage units or parking spaces are larger than your standard size storage unit in Herculaneum, MO. Some of the units or car parking spaces go as large as 80'. The units vary in price typically by size, location, inventory and amenities.

Average Price of Car Self Storage in Herculaneum, MO

Average Price
Best Price
12' x 30'

Top 5 Cheapest 10' x 20' Herculaneum Car Storage Unit

The data for these storage unit prices are from a 15 mile radius. These top cities are included in the radius used in the calculation: Festus, Imperial, Arnold, Fenton and High Ridge.
Frequently asked questions
  • Is it possible to store a car in a storage unit in Herculaneum, MO?
    Yes, it is possible to store a car in a storage unit in Herculaneum, MO. Storage units provide a secure and protected environment that can help to prevent damage to the car from weather conditions, theft, or vandalism. Additionally, storage units in Herculaneum, MO are available in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find one that is suitable for the size of the car being stored. Some storage units in Herculaneum, MO also offer climate control, which can help to prevent damage to the car from temperature fluctuations.
  • What Herculaneum, MO storage unit size is suitable for a car?
    The storage unit size suitable for a car in Herculaneum, MO will depend on the size of the car. Measure the length and width of your car to help you with your search on StorageArea.com. A 10x20 storage unit in Herculaneum, MO should be sufficient for most cars but larger units are available.
  • What steps should be taken to prepare a car for storage in Herculaneum, MO?
    To prepare a car for storage in Herculaneum, MO, it's important to clean it thoroughly, change the oil, top off all fluids, inflate the tires to the recommended pressure, and remove the battery or disconnect it to prevent it from draining.
  • How frequently should a car be started while in storage in Herculaneum, MO?
    It is recommended to start the car at least once a month while in Herculaneum, MO storage to keep the engine and other systems functioning properly.
  • Are you allowed to perform maintenance on a car in a Herculaneum, MO storage unit?
    Some storage facilities in Herculaneum, MO may allow you to perform maintenance on your car, but it's important to check with the facility first and follow any rules or regulations they have in place.
  • What is the maximum duration that a car can be stored in Herculaneum, MO?
    The maximum duration that a car can be kept in storage in Herculaneum, MO will depend on the storage facility's policies and any regulations in place in the area. Generally, long-term storage options are available for several months or even years in Herculaneum, MO.
  • What is car storage insurance and why is it important in Herculaneum, MO?
    Car storage insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed to protect cars while they are in Herculaneum, MO storage. It is important because regular auto insurance may not cover damage or theft while the car is in storage.
  • What is the cost of storing a car in Herculaneum, MO?
    The cost of storing a car in Herculaneum, MO can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the storage facility, the size of the storage unit or space, the duration of the rental, and any additional services or amenities provided by the facility. You can visit StorageArea.com to check for car storage prices in Herculaneum, MO. Prices for car storage can range from a few hundred dollars per month for basic outdoor parking to several thousand dollars per month for indoor climate-controlled storage with additional services.
  • Are there any Herculaneum, MO car storage discounts available?
    Storage facilities in Herculaneum, MO may offer car storage discounts based on length of the storage and specific spaces. Visit StorageArea.com and look for promotions on car storage in Herculaneum, MO.
  • How much does it cost to store a car outdoors in Herculaneum, MO?
    Yes, many storage facilities offer outdoor car parking spaces as an option in Herculaneum, MO. StorageArea.com will designate if the space is enclosed, parking or covered during the online reservation. Be sure to check the measurements of your car to confirm the space will work for you.

Tips for Finding the Best Car Storage Near You in Herculaneum, Missouri

If you need car storage in Herculaneum, Missouri, you're in luck! There are plenty of options for vehicle storage in the area, from indoor and outdoor storage to climate-controlled and secure storage facilities. Whether you need long-term storage or short-term storage, convenient storage or 24-hour access storage, there's something for everyone in Herculaneum.

Indoor Storage Facilities in Herculaneum, MO

For car owners who are concerned about the indoor storage of their vehicles, Herculaneum has a number of climate-controlled and secure storage facilities that are perfect for storing cars. These facilities offer a wide range of indoor storage options, from garage storage to trailer storage, depending on your needs. You can choose from short-term or long-term storage, depending on your budget.

Outdoor Storage Facilities in Herculaneum, MO

If you prefer to store your car outdoors, there are plenty of outdoor storage facilities in Herculaneum, MO to choose from as well. Many of these facilities have covered storage options that protect your car from the elements, while other facilities offer open outdoor storage for those on a budget.

Affordable Self-Storage Facilities in Herculaneum, MO

For those looking for affordable storage options, self-storage facilities in Herculaneum offer a great solution. Whether you need a small storage unit or a larger one for your car, these facilities offer a variety of storage options at affordable prices.

Convenient Storage Facilities in Herculaneum, MO

For those who value convenience, Herculaneum has plenty of storage facilities that offer 24-hour access and easy accessibility to make storing your car as easy as possible. At these facilities, you can store your car for as long as you need and get easy access to it whenever you need it.

Herculaneum, MO: A Brief Overview

Herculaneum is a small city located in Jefferson County, Missouri, about 25 miles south of St. Louis. The city is known for its historic sites, including the Herculaneum Historic Site, which contains the ruins of an ancient grain elevator and is a popular destination for visitors to the area. The city also has a thriving business community and is home to a number of retail and dining options. Whether you're a resident of Herculaneum or just visiting the area, you'll find plenty of car storage options to meet your needs.