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Commonly Asked and Answered Questions About 10x25 Storage Units

Company Name is proud to be able to provide you with several storage solutions to meet your space requirement needs. We offer a range of unit sizes available to our customers at competitive prices. One of our large and commonly rented units is the 10x25, which is perfect for anyone who needs to store a houseful of items. Whether this is the first time you are renting a storage unit, or you simply want to know what you can store inside of it, check out the FAQs below. We believe these FAQs will better assist you in learning more about the 10x25 unit and whether it is right for you.

If you have any additional questions or you would like assistance in choosing the right size unit, please reach out to us today and one of our specialists will assist you.

10x25 Storage Unit

Learn More About 10x25 Storage Unit Types and Sizes

How big is one of your 10x25 storage units?

A 10x25 storage unit is 10 feet in width and 25 feet long, which provides you with about 250 square feet of space to store your items. Many of the units come with tall ceilings that are 8 feet high, which means you have an overall storing capacity of 2,000 cubic feet.

To help you understand the size of the unit better, you can expect a 10x25 storage unit to store the contents of six rooms inside of it. This is a large storage unit and many people rent it when they move or inherit a houseful of items.

Some of the items you can store inside include all kitchen appliances, all furniture sets, large TVs and electronics, treadmills, filing cabinets, aquariums, and much more. Want to store just boxes? About 300 of them will fit inside this unit!

If you have items you want to store in your unit but are unsure if they will fit, give our team a call.

I think the 10x25 is too big. What other options are available?

If you believe that a 10x25 storage unit may be too big for your needs, we are happy to say that we have additional units available in smaller sizes. We offer 10x20, 10x15, and 10x10 units. If you need help choosing the right size unit, please call our office so that we can assist you.

Do I need amenities for my 10x25 storage unit?

There are some amenities that you will have the option of choosing from when you rent a storage unit. These amenities enhance your rental experience and help to provide ultimate protection of your items. For example, one common amenity is climate control. This is a feature that helps to regulate the temperature within your storage unit to prevent spikes and dips in the temperature, which could cause damage to fragile and sensitive items.

Can I store electronics in my storage unit?

You definitely can. If you do need to store electronics in your storage unit, it is recommended that you have a climate-controlled unit to keep the inside of the electronics free from deterioration due to moisture and temperature changes.

How much weight will fit into a 10x25 storage unit?

It is not uncommon for a moving company to ask you how much weight you need to move. They use this measurement to determine how many items they will be moving and how much the total move weighs. If you have already been asked this question, you may be curious as to whether a 10x25 unit can hold the weight of your items and how much weight it can hold.

A 10x25 self-storage unit can hold anywhere between 11,000 to 16,000 pounds.

Who can access my storage unit once I rent it?

The only person who can access your storage unit once you rent it is you and anyone who you give access to. Storage units are a secure way to keep your personal items and you can keep your items stored without anyone having access to them.

Most storage facilities have an access code requirement to enter the property and your unit will have a lock on it, so those are just two measures of security you can look forward to.

Do I need to provide the lock for my storage unit?

Yes. You will need to provide the lock for your storage unit. There are different types of locks available and the decision as to which one to use is up to you. We do ask that you either keep an additional key on file with us in case you lose yours or understand that if you do lose yours, the lock may need to be cut to help you access your unit.

If you need a lock for your storage unit, we do sell some in our office.

Learn More About 10x25 Storage Unit Prices and Rentals

How much will a 10x25 storage unit cost me?

The cost of a 10x25 storage unit will differ depending on several factors which include the availability of the unit, location of the unit, and any amenities that you choose. For example, a climate-controlled 10x25 unit is going to cost more per month than an outdoor 10x25 unit. Also, a 10x25 unit that is closer to the front in the indoor building may cost more than one that is farther back and requires more walking to get to. These are some things that you need to think about as you look at the available amenities.

The cost of a storage unit is unique to each individual and there is no one price for everyone. We keep our rates as competitive as possible and we offer a number of discounts and specials to assist you in saving the most money you can. Some of our discounts include $1 move ins and free monthly rent.

Will my items be insured while I rent my storage unit?

If you purchase insurance for your storage unit, yes, they will be insured. Most storage facilities do NOT provide insurance coverage for your items and do require you to insure your own. If you are unsure of what steps to take to get coverage, call our office today. We do offer insurance plans to our customers and your current homeowners or renters insurance policy may provide enough coverage.

How long can I rent a 10x25 unit from you?

As long as you need. We do not require you to sign a long-term lease and we do not put an end date on when you need to stop renting with us. This means that when you rent a 10x25 unit, it is yours until you no longer need it.

Can I reserve a storage unit before I come to your location?

Yes. You can reserve a storage unit conveniently online. We offer a no hassle and no obligation reservation process that allows you to secure the exact unit and amenities that you would like.

What documents or items do I need to bring to rent a storage unit from you?

To rent a 10x25 storage unit, you will need to bring your driver’s license, copy of insurance, payment, form of payment to go on file, and a lock with you.