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Commonly Asked and Answered Questions About 10x15 Storage Units

Storage units provide you with additional space when you are running short on it and many of us do. One of the most popular sizes is the 10x15 and we offer many of them for rent at a competitive price. Whether you are new to renting a storage unit or you simply want to see if a 10x15 is right for you, we invite you to peruse through the commonly asked and answered questions below. We believe that these FAQs will help you better understand more about the unit size and whether it meets your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a 10x15 self-storage unit, do not hesitate to call our office today so we can help.

10x15 Storage Unit

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How big is a 10x15 self-storage unit?

A 10x15 storage unit is 10 feet in width and 15 feet long and provides you with about 150 square feet of space to store your items. Some storage units come with an 8-foot-tall ceiling, which provides you with additional room to store your things. If your unit comes with an 8-foot-tall ceiling, you can expect to have 1,200 cubic feet of space to keep all your things. Within your unit, you can maximize your space by storing items horizontally and vertically.

What can I store in my 10x15 unit?

To give you a better idea of size, a 10x15 storage unit is comparable to almost the size of a one-car garage or a spare bedroom within your home. Many people find that they are able to fit a lot of their belongings into these storage units as they offer quote a bit of room. Some of the items you can comfortably store include all size mattresses, washing machines, dryers, large appliances, wheelchairs, boxes, seasonal equipment, canoes, water sports equipment, and entire bedroom furniture sets.

On average, you can expect to fit the items from a full-size apartment inside without a problem. Or you can expect to fit a couple bedrooms plus additional items from your home inside.

Can I access my storage unit whenever I want?

Not always. If you want to be able to access your items whenever you want, you will need to find a facility location that offers 24-hour access and yes, they do exist. Not all facility locations can offer 24-hour access and if they do not, you can expect the access hours to be convenient with early morning and late evening hours.

Are there any prohibited items that I cannot store in my 10x15 unit?

Yes. There are items that are prohibited from being stored within a unit. For a full list of items, reach out to the facility you plan to rent a unit from. They can provide you with guidance on what you can and cannot store. For example, live plants, food, live animals, and flammable products are all prohibited from being stored within your unit.

What is the difference between a drive-up 10x15 unit and a climate controlled 10x15 unit?

A drive-up 10x15 unit is unique in that it allows you the convenience of driving right up to the door of your unit. This makes loading and unloading of your items into your unit easy and quick. A drive-up unit is located outdoors, which means it is not protected from extreme changes in the weather’s temperature, so this is something to keep in mind. A climate-controlled 10x15 unit is one that has the temperature and humidity regulated. These types of units are located indoors at the storage facility and require you to walk to them.

Do I really need a climate controlled 10x15 storage unit?

That depends and is a personal choice. Many renters choose not to have a climate-controlled unit for one reason or another just as many choose to have one. The choice is up to you. However, if you need to store items that are temperature or humidity sensitive, it is imperative that you rent a climate-controlled unit to prevent destruction or deterioration of the items. In addition, electronics and wood furniture should all be stored in a climate-controlled unit.

Can I store a vehicle inside of my 10x15 storage unit?

In most cases, you probably could. However, before you do decide to rent a 10x15 unit to store your vehicle, you will need to measure the unit itself and your vehicle to ensure it fits. Remember, you want your vehicle to fit comfortably so that you have access to it and damage does not occur. In some cases, not all vehicles will fit in a 10x15 storage unit, so it is best to speak with the facility FIRST before you rent a unit. Also, most facilities will require that the vehicle be in working condition, be insured, and be registered. If you have any questions about storing a vehicle with us, please give our team a call.

Learn More About Pricing and Discounts on 10x15 Storage Units

How much can I expect to pay monthly for a 10x15 unit?

It depends. There are many factors that go into determining the price of a 10x15 unit. Some of those factors include chosen amenities, location, and availability. For example, if a unit size is in demand, it will cost more than one that is not in demand. Also, a climate-controlled unit will cost you more monthly than a non-climate-controlled unit.

If you would like to receive a quote on a 10x15 unit, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office today.

Can I save money on a 10x15 unit?

Yes. There are many opportunities to save money on a 10x15 self-storage unit. For example, many storage facilities offer monthly specials or move-in specials that provide you with your first month for free. You will be able to immediately reap that money-saving offer too, which makes it nice. Some facilities also offer free moving truck rentals and continued discounted monthly rental prices when you pay online or continue to be a tenant.

Most storage facilities run specials all year round and you should explore what specials are available to you in your area before you rent a unit.

Can I reserve a 10x15 self-storage unit online?

Yes. We offer convenient reservations right here online. If you want to reserve a unit, simply choose the one you want, pick your amenities, and reserve it. We offer a no-hassle reservation process with no strings attached. This means that you can rent exactly what you need without worry that you are trapped in a contract.

Will I need to sign a yearly rental contract?

Not usually. Most storage facilities do not require you to sign a yearly contract to rent a unit from them. In fact, most renters are able to rent a 10x15 storage unit on a month-to-month basis, which makes it convenient for them. While you may not be required to sign a yearly contract, there may be benefit to it such as a deep discount on your monthly storage unit rent.