5 Tips to Help Keep Your Furniture Safe While in Storage

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If you do not have room for some of your furniture in your home, the solution may be to rent a storage unit to keep the furniture safe until you find a home or use for it. Did you know that your furniture can be ruined in a storage unit, if you do not take care of it? It is true and this is why it is important that you properly store your furniture. Below, we will go over some tips to help you keep your furniture safe while it is in storage.

  1. Inspect Your Storage Unit and Choose the Right One

One of the first steps you need to take before you place your furniture in storage is to choose the right type of storage unit. For starters, your furniture needs to be stored in a cool, dry place, which means you will need to rent a climate controlled unit.

Once you have a climate controlled unit in place, inspect the unit to make sure there are no leaks or areas of concern. You may also want to check the temperature and humidity in the unit to ensure that it is within the right range.

  1. Clean Your Furniture

Before you place your furniture in storage you should clean it. If you place dirty couch cushions or damp cushions in your storage unit, you will come back to find that they may be moldy or even have a pest or two nesting in them. Before you store your items, have them professionally steam cleaned to remove any odor, stains, and dirt.

If your items do not have any cushions, make sure that you wipe them down to remove any dirt or dust from them, as this can cause scratches.

  1. Wrap Your Furniture

When it comes time to prep your items to go into your storage unit, make sure you wrap your furniture. Plastic is a wonderful tool and ideal to wrap chairs, recliners, and couches with. You should also wrap the legs of your couches and tables with bubble wrap and then secure it in place with tape.

  1. Take Furniture Apart When You Can

If you are able to remove legs off of your chairs and couches, it is recommended that you do so. If you cannot, then you should wrap them as mentioned above. When it comes to your other furniture, you should be sure that you take the pieces apart as much as you can before you move the furniture. You will be able to store the furniture with the pieces taken off, but put all of the hardware together, so that you remember what pieces go with which items.

  1. Stack Items Appropriately

To ensure that your furniture is kept in good condition while you are away, make sure that you store it with the largest items on the floor and then place smaller, lighter items on top of your heavier items. You should avoid placing any mattresses or couches flat on the ground, as this will take up more room and too much weight from your other items may cause damage.

If you are getting ready to store your furniture, use the tips above to help you correctly store your furniture and protect it while you are gone.

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